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Travel experts reveal the holiday hotspots to avoid in 2023 – and a UK seaside makes the list

CORNWALL has been included on a list of ten destinations for holidaymakers to dodge in 2023.

The list was created by travel publication Fodor’s which suggests that the locations are places that tourists should “reconsider visiting” in 2023.

Fodor’s warned tourists against visiting Cornwall next year, as well as Paris and Dubrovnik

The main reason for the destinations’ inclusion on the list is “overtourism” with Paris, Barcelona and Dubrovnik classed as “suffering cultural hotspots”.

Cornwall finds itself sixth on the rundown and is the only UK location to make the cut, alongside other destinations around the world including Thailand and Venice.

Roger Broussard, a professional pilot and ‘lover of Cornwall’ told Fodor’s that current levels of tourism to the county are not sustainable.

He said: “The infrastructure simply doesn’t exist to support the number of visitors making the life of locals unpleasant in peak season, to say the least.

“Narrow lanes passing for roads and limited parking at some of the most popular sites in the county combine to create gridlock, pollution, and litter.”

Cornwall’s inclusion on the list comes just three days after the county’s tourism boss slammed “bloody tourists” who visited during the pandemic.

Malcom Bell, the chief executive of Visit Cornwall, made the strong remarks about tourists who had visited over the last two years.

He slammed holidaymakers who visited Cornwall when the borders were closed, saying they “didn’t want to be there”.

He told Cornwall Live: “In the 1970s people were in Cornwall because they couldn’t afford a proper holiday and there were a lot of chips on shoulders, and we felt that again in those two years. It had come back around.

“Once you stopped them going abroad, we ended up with people here who didn’t want to be here. It’s settled down again now.”

Mr Bell, who is stepping down next month, added that the “rise in tourism” was a good thing, but that many were not able to manage their expectations.

He also shared some of the bizarre complaints from holidaymakers.

He continued: “People have complained St Ives doesn’t look right because the water’s out, someone said they drove over an hour from the north coast to the south coast to find the tide was in there as well, and ‘when I came last year the beach was big but now it’s small, you should tell people that the tide comes in’.”

For those undeterred by the list, Cornwall was voted the second best place to staycation in the UK by Insurance company SunLife, who analysed the perks and downfalls of different destinations.

The coastline of Cornwall also claimed second-best with over 204 campervan-friendly sites to choose from.

Last summer, tourists in Cornwall were mocked for their strange complaints about the country while on holiday.

But a mum has revealed how to do the perfect Cornwall break with the kids.

Tourists were warned that Cornwall could not sustain the numbers that are visiting the county

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