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Husband furious after his wife suggests staying in separate hotels on holiday

A MAN was left fuming after his wife suggested she and their children stay in a different hotel while on a trip to Florida.

The husband was sent to the Sunshine State on a work trip and invited his wife and kids to tag along, so they could visit Disney World during the day as he worked.

The woman wanted to take her kids to Disney World while her husband was working

However, the hotel that the man was due to stay in was not the most convenient to access the theme park, while other family members staying close by offered them a place in a better-located resort.

The mum accepted the offer from her family members, only for her husband to complain about the situation.

She took to social media site Reddit to ask who was in the right, saying: “My husband got invited to a big conference for work in Orlando, Florida.

“I wanted to tag along with the kids and bring them to Disney World. He’s not a big theme park fan himself, but would be on a work trip, unavailable during the day and at business dinners in the evening.

“The next day I talked to my sister who said her and her boyfriend were planning a trip down to go to Universal, and asked if I wanted them to book it for the same dates so we could travel together.

“Two days later we got the hotel info from my husband’s work, and instead of staying near Epcot like they have done in years past, they’ve booked a very ‘business’ hotel 35min away with no pool, no transportation to Disney.

“My sister offered to let me and the kids stay with them in a more family-friendly hotel and I thought this was a great idea that would make things A LOT easier.

“I put the idea to my husband and he was annoyed and said I was being ridiculous for even suggesting the kids and I would stay somewhere else.

“He insisted I’m being unreasonable and won’t even speak to me about the trip now.”

Not many people agreed with the husband however, with most people suggesting he was being unreasonable in this situation.

One wrote: “I can’t understand why he would want to make you so miserable,” while another added: “What’s he expecting you to do all day in this business hotel while he’s working?”

Families wanting to visit Disney World in Florida might not know that there are several free things they can pick while up at the parks.

Facebook user Elaine Boyle shared a list of things that are still free at the resort in the Disney and Orlando for Brits Facebook group, to help guests squeeze as much as they can out of their stay.

Included in the list are birthday presents, celebration badges, drinks and experiences.

Meanwhile, there are great deals for the top ten hotels in OrlandoFlorida, from £101pp a night, as voted by TripAdvisor reviewers.

Top of that list is the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress hotel is a five-minute drive to Walt Disney World Resort and 15 minutes to Universal Orlando Resort.

Boasting more than 800 rooms, the hotel has some incredible facilities.

The lagoon-style swimming pool features more than ten waterfalls, two whirlpools, a water-jet splash zone and a water slide tower that’s 124 feet tall.

There is also the Grove Resort and Spa features a lavish spa, watersports facilities, three outdoor pools and an on-site waterpark.

The waterpark has a 700-foot-long lazy river, various waterslides, a splash park, and a dual-rider surf simulator.

Deals for both are available through some of the UK’s biggest travel companies.

Tickets to Disney World have recently gone up in price – but there are still savings to be had.

A mum of two revealed how she saved £7k on her Disney holiday by making some big changes.

Among her list of tips was to bring her own food, book tickets in advance and to look for package options.

Meanwhile, this man left his wife fuming after revealing that he didn’t want to go on holiday with her.

And this family’s holiday was interrupted when the mum’s single friend invited herself along on the trip.

The mum wanted to stay in a hotel closer to Disney World but the dad disagreed (stock image)

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