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I’m a travel expert – here’s the 5 top tips I’ve learnt after 10 years, from saving cash to finding the best restaurant

A TRAVEL expert has given her five best tips that she’s learn after ten years on the job.

Raimee, who makes a living travelling around the globe, said that her top advice ranged from saving cash to finding the best restaurant.

A travel expert gave her five top tips for making the most of your holiday

The popular travel blogger has visited five continents and says that she has learnt incredible lessons on her adventures.

Holidays might be great fun but they can prove very costly and you might miss out on some hidden gems.

That’s why Raimee has offered five top tips that can help you maximise your holiday’s potential.

Local currency

Instagrammer Raimee says you should always pay in local currency rather than pounds.

For example, holidaymakers are often given a choice between paying in pounds or euros when travellin in Europe.

But this could be charging you an extra five or ten percent hit thanks to local exchange rates.

It’s worth remembering that this applies when you’re withdrawing cash as well as when you pay by card in shops and restaurants.

Book flights early

Another of Raimee’s top tips is to book your flights early.

The travel blogger recommends that you book 21-60 days in advance to get the best deal.

And don’t forget to always book direct with the airline to avoid additional transaction fees.

Go on a walking tour

Raimee advises you to go on walking tour when you first arrive at a new place.

This will help you familiarise yourself with your location and get a feel for the environment.

From here it makes it easier to plan extra things or make decisions after you’ve seen it in person.

Eat in non-touristy areas

The travel blogger says that you should walk far away from touristy areas before choosing a place to eat.

And Raimee recommends travelling at least ten blocks will do the trick.

This is to avoid the high prices and exorbitant costs that often come in these areas.

Besides, you may just find some hidden gems that have far better value for money.

Most people are good

Raimee says it’s worth remembering that most people are good.

They want the same thing as you so when travelling it goes without saying to treat people with respect and kindness.

You may find that this goes along way in saving money or getting incredible experiences – and you may just make some friends for life.

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