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I live on a cruise ship – here’s everything I eat in a day… and the secret store I go to for snacks

A CRUISE ship singer has given an insight into what she eats every day as she travels the world.

Food blogger Karissa Dumbacher left her fans drooling as she described the feasts she gets to tuck into daily.

Food blogger Karissa Dumbache has shared everything she eats in a day
She is currently living on a cruise ship
She gets to tuck in to food from around the globe every day

The American, who is currently traveling the world while performing shows on the ship, posts daily about her food conquests.

And has even given a sneak peek into a secret store just for the crew where she pics up her snacks.

In one video she took fans through everything she ate in one day – and the list is mouthwatering.  

For breakfast, she tucked into snacks she bought while her boat was docked in India.

First, she tried a big bag of roasted crunchy peas before opening a bag of Bhujia – a traditional Indian snack. 

She explained: “They’re these crispy little noodles made from bean flour and they kind of taste like potato chips but better

“Then I went to the staff mess for lunch. They had this gorgeous leftover cake from a guest party last night.

“Oh my gosh, this might have been the richest cake I’ve ever eaten in my life. It had these sweet layers of bittersweet chocolate ganache. It was so intensely chocolatey but I’m kind of obsessed.

“They also had fried calamari. We were eating good in the mess today. It was so tender and crispy and salty like not chewy at all. Delicious.”

She then headed off to perform a show – but afterwards she showed us TikTok viewers yet another feast.

She said: “It’s always a surprise what they’ll bring us after each show and today they had these asparagus quiches.

“I don’t know when the last time I had a quiche was but it was so soft and creamy and cheesy. It just melted in my mouth.

“They also brought us egg rolls that were fried super fresh like they were still hot and crunchy and they had glass noodles inside.”

On the table, much more food can be seen – including pizza, burritos, vegetables, curry and sandwiches.

In another video Karrisa showed where she gets the majority of her snack.

She said: “In some ports, they have a crew shop where only crew is allowed and then we get discounts and stuff .

“At this one they had a bunch of different snacks and don’t judge me but I’ve never had a Toblerone before.

“I saw this biscuit sandwich that was filled with blackberry jam and covered in sprinkles 

“Then I found a white chocolate crunch bar – but it was so sweet. I think I prefer the milk chocolate.”

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1 Comment

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