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What is on the McDonald’s vegetarian and vegan menu?

MCDONALD’S might be more renowned for its beef and chicken burgers but it does have veggie and vegan options too.

So fast food fans can enjoy a Maccies without having to swerve from their no-meat lifestyle.

McDonald’s McPlant burger is the perfect choice for any vegan Maccies fans

If you are thinking of ordering in, or heading to your nearest Maccie’s for a vegan or veggie option, there are dozens of food items to pick from.

That includes burgers, wraps and dippers so there’s variety on offer too.

And almost all of the drinks range makes the cut too.

Below we list everything on offer from the fast food chain.

​​McPlant burger

The McPlant burger contains a Beyond Meat patty with vegan cheese, which comes with a salad and vegan burger sauce in a sesame seed bun.

It’s Vegetarian Society vegan approved which means there will be no cross contamination with animal products in the kitchen or supply chain.

It costs £3.59 and comes in at 429 calories.

We blind tasted a McPlant and a beef burger when it came out, and this is what we thought.

The Spicy Veggie One

The Spicy Veggie has proven to be a favourite among vegan’s at McDonald’s.

It’s made with Veggie Dippers with a spicy relish, crisp lettuce and tomato wrapped in a soft toasted tortilla wrap costing £3.39 or £5.09 as a medium meal.

The wrap by itself is 365 calories and just like the McPlant burger, it’s also vegan certified by the Vegetarian Society.

Vegetable Deluxe

The Vegetable Deluxe isn’t suitable for vegans, but it is for vegetarians. It comes in at 361 calories.

The £3.59 burger alternative has red pesto veggie goujons with sandwich sauce and shredded lettuce in a sesame topped bun.

Veggie Dippers

McDonald’s Veggie Dippers are available on their own, as a meal or happy meal.

They’re made up of red pepper and sundried tomato pesto and coated in crispy golden breadcrumbs.

Even though they’ve got veggie in the name, they’re vegan too. They will set fans back £3.59. As a happy meal they cost £2.89 and as a regular meal £5.19.

Hash Brown

Vegans and vegetarians can have the hash browns just as they come.

Hash browns are a McDonald’s staple – on their own or as a side at breakfast time. 

Crispy on the outside and served until 11am for the price of 99p.


Vegans and veggies will be delighted to know that McDonald’s fries are meat and dairy free.

Fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside, they’re cut from whole potatoes.

Prices vary depending on which size you pick up. A small bag is 99p, while a medium is £1.39 and a large fries £1.69.


If you are looking for a veggie option on McDonald’s breakfast’s menu, this could be a suitable choice.

You can enjoy pancakes drizzled in golden syrup to start their day with a sweet treat, only setting you back £2.99.

The sweet treat isn’t appropriate for vegans though.


McDonald’s sells porridge for early birds in select stores, and luckily for vegetarians they can fill up on the snack in the mornings.

Vegans aren’t so lucky though, as they can’t try the breakfast staple.

They don’t have to fork out £1.49 for the brekkie choice either though.


The best news for McDonald’s lovers is that McFlurrys make it onto the veggie menu too.

That means they can enjoy the reigning Cadbury, Oreo, and Celebrations options whilst sticking to the veggie diet.

The dairy based product isn’t suitable for vegans though.

Any of the large McFlurry’s will cost you between £1.19p to £1.69 while the mini versions are just 99p.

Hot drinks and fizzy drinks

If you’re in need of something to wash all those treats down with, then you won’t be disappointed to find most of McDonald’s drinks range makes it onto the veggie menu.

If you’re after something hot you can get black coffee to toffee lattes, while fizz fans can enjoy Fantas, Cokes and more.

McDonald’s are known for their cheap prices but there is a way to get a Big Mac burger even cheaper at £1.99.

There’s also another way to get a cheeseburger cheap with this voucher trick.

McDonald’s also recently announced it would be scrapping plastic cutlery and introducing a new paper-based alternative across England and Wales.

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