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McDonalds fans are only just realising why the McFlurry spoon is hollow

YOU might have spent many an occasion perplexed at the old McFlurry’s plastic spoons with a hole in the top.

But you might not know the real reason behind its design – to stir your ice cream.

McDonald’s fans are only just realising why the McFlurry spoon has a hole at the top

McDonald’s recently revealed it would be phasing out all plastic cutlery, including the iconic spoon, across England and Wales restaurants in a bid to be more eco-friendly.

But many are only just realising now why the plastic spoon was designed with a hole and hook.

And it’s because the spoon is attached to the McFlurry machine and used to mix up your dessert.

One fast food fan said: “I thought it was a straw – I always tried to drink out of it.”

Another shockingly admitted: “I work for Maccies and somehow just found this out.”

While a third added: “Bro, when I first had a McFlurry when I was like 10 I thought it was a straw.”

It’s not the first time food fans been left reeling after discovering a secret behind a product’s design.

KitKat fans were left stunned after finding out what its wafer centre was made out of – other Kitkats.

Fans of the two or four-finger chocolate bar were left in shock at the revelation.

One said: “No way a KitKat is inside of a KitKat I never would have thought.”

Another added: “That’s why it’s so sweet!”

It comes after McDonald’s said it would be scrapping plastic cutlery to reduce its carbon footprint.

The American-founded fast food chain is phasing in recyclable pressed-paper knives, forks and spoons instead.

The company hopes this will eliminate a staggering 853 metric tonnes of plastic across the UK each year.

In 2019, McDonald’s also ditched plastic McFlurry lids, but it kept the plastic spoons at the time.

And a year earlier, it started phasing out plastic straws and replaced them with paper ones.

A number of other companies are adapting their products to tackle climate change as well.

Nestle replaced its Quality Street shiny wrappers with a duller waxed one in October.

In August, Aldi ditched the colour codes on milk packaging and Lidl made a similar change to reduce wastage.

Coca-Cola has started rolling out new caps on its bottles to ensure they end up in recycling bins.

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1 Comment

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