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There could be money hidden in your hotel room – here’s where to look

A TRAVELLER has revealed how she sometimes finds money when staying in hotels.

While it can cost a fortune to stay in some hotels, lucky guests sometimes get some of that money back, by looking in a certain place.

Haley revealed where to find money when staying in hotel rooms

Frequent hotel visitor Haley Michelle (@misshaleymichelle) revealed that she has found money in the rooms she’s staying in, hidden in the holy bible.

Most hotel rooms have bibles in them, usually kept in a drawer, or on a bedside table.

It turns out that some people choose to put money within the pages of the book, for a variety of different reasons.

Haley explained one of them in a video on Tiktok.

She filmed herself going into a hotel room and flicking through the bible, where notes were nestled between the pages.

She said: “The first thing I do when I get in my hotel room, I lock the door then I walk over to the night stand and check the bible.

“I know this sounds weird, but if you didn’t know, some people like to hide money inside bibles.

“I’ve actually found money inside bibles before, that’s how I knew about it. Then I started seeing people doing videos about it.

“People do it as a way to encourage others to read the bible.”

There are other reasons why people might leave money in the bible too.

Finance bloggers Inflation Hedging claim that some people do it for luck, or just to be charitable.

They wrote: “It could be seen as a way to tip the cleaning staff or other employees who might come across the bible during their work.

“Second, some people believe that it is good luck to leave money in a bible, or if anything, just a charitable action.”

However, if you’re taking money from the bible, Haley said it is considered bad form not to leave something in return.

She said: “It’s been known that if you do find something, a good amount, to pay it forward.

“Put some of the money back in there for someone else to find.”

Haley’s video has been viewed more than 180,000 times and plenty of people responded with their experiences of either finding or leaving cash in bibles.

One wrote: “I found 5 then I put 1 dollar in it.”

A second said: “Never found any but have left some for someone who may need it. If you don’t need it leave it!”

A third was worried about how ethical it was to take the cash, saying: “Is it not bad to take the money and keep it?”

But not everyone was quite so concerned, with another user replying: “F that, take everything.”

Other hidden hotel room features aren’t quite as pleasant, with some of them even violating guests’ privacy.

Hidden cameras in Airbnbs and hotels are frequently found by horrified visitors.

Aaron Bond – a private investigator and security expert at Bond Rees – has warned Brits to look out for the devious devices while on holiday.

His first tip is to look in ceiling corners and places that give an unobscured view of the entire property.

He also said that some hidden cameras could be disguised in everyday objects, like lamps and televisions.

Meanwhile some hotel guests have divided opinion with what some believe to be a charitable act.

And these hotel cleaners have revealed what they hate their guests doing.

After locking her hotel room door Haley checks the bible for cash

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