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Mum reveals genius hacks for flying with young children

A MUM has revealed how she makes flying long-haul with her young child much easier than it otherwise could be with a few simple hacks.

Toddlers and flying are a dangerous mix, with neither the easiest thing to deal with at the best of times.

Suslim recommends flying at night to increase the chances of her young child sleeping

However, traveller Suslim Rai-Allen (@sueraiallen) has a few clever ideas that might help parents be better prepared for journeys with their little ones.

In a video on Tiktok, she shared her hacks to show other people how she makes flying with her 2-year-old much less stressful.

Firstly, she recommends booking a night flight, which should increase the chances of toddlers falling asleep.

When young children are awake, they can get bored very easily and a plane is no place for an irritable toddler.

She urges parents to pack pull up pants instead of nappies because plane changing tables are too small

Suslim’s next tip is to bring pull up pants instead of nappies.

This is because the changing boards in plane toilets are often too small, which makes nappy changes even more complicated than normal.

Pull ups can help make the process easier that it would be if using normal nappies.

Another item the mum recommends packing is an inflatable travel foot rest.

Inflatable foot stools can help children sleep without falling out of their seat

She uses this to extend the length of the plane seat, so her young child can lie down fully extended, without falling off the chair.

This again increases the chances of the toddler falling asleep, making the journey a more enjoyable experience – but make sure your airline allows them, as many don’t.

Suslim also insists on bringing snacks to make sure her toddler is well fed.

Children won’t wait for the food trolley to come round, so will need a supply of food ready to go.

She recommends cereal, while others have recommended fruit and veg sticks.

Some parents even make a game for their kids involving snacks, providing extra entertainment.

Finally, Suslim recommends packing headphones to put on her child so they can sleep through any PA system announcements from the crew or captain.

Parents will know how frustrating it is to have a child wake up from a sleep, and there are plenty of noises on planes that could disrupt them.

However, putting the headphones on will block out the sounds and help children sleep peacefully.

Suslim’s video has been seen more than 2 million times, with plenty of people praising her ideas.

One flight attendant commented: “As a cabin crew member, these are great hacks!”

Another parent wrote: “Great tips. I’m traveling overseas with my twins next month I’m gonna buy the foot rest for sure.”

A third person said: “Tell me about the small changing table. Was the most awkward butt change of all time.”

Meanwhile, this mum uses a £1.50 DIY item to keep her young kids occupied on flights.

And this mum revealed how she stops mid-air tantrums from her youngsters.

Suslim’s hacks make flying with her toddler on long-haul journeys much easier (stock image)

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