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Mum slams drunk Brits abroad while on holiday in Egypt – but people are not on her side

A MUM has slammed some of her fellow Brits for getting “off their faces” while on holiday in Egypt.

The woman said she felt “constant shame” seeing the other people getting drunk, and wanted to see if anyone else felt the same way.

The woman was on holiday in Hurghada, Egypt but was disappointed with other people’s behaviour

She reached out to others via parenting forum Mumsnet to find out if anyone agreed.

She wrote: “I’ve not long gotten back from a lovely 5 star resort in Hurghada, Egypt.

“Me and my bf splashed out a bit because of negative experiences in lower rated places in Turkey but we saw exactly the same.

“Most of the guests were Russians but a close second were Brits who just lounged around getting off their face on the alcohol on offer.

“We made friends with some lovely people from various European countries but felt constant shame from the behaviour of our compatriots.

“Why do British people just want to be intoxicated 24/7 when abroad?”

However, not many people were on her side, with several pointing out different reasons why they thought she was wrong.

One wrote: “I like being drunk & can’t do it when I’m working.

“Definitely would prefer it in a 5 star resort where I’m escaping my normal life. I’m not loud & annoying so don’t see the issue with the likes of me.”

Another said: “Give over. People are on holiday. They can do what they like.”

A third added: “Why do you care and have to be so judgemental of others?”

However, some people do agree with the mum’s statement, with a flight attendant recently revealing that they hated dealing with drunk brits on their planes.

Kristina Galvydyte, who is a flight attendant for a leading UK airline, shared her views on British passengers.

The cabin crew member confirmed the very simple reason British passengers are her least favourite to welcome onboard.

She told the Telegraph: “Brits tend to start drinking, or even downing drinks, at the airport, no matter the hour of the day, so a lot already board the plane drunk or at least tipsy – and then carry on.

“As someone from Eastern Europe, I have never seen this kind of culture anywhere else.”

In 2019 it was also revealed that boozy Brits were the worst-behaved tourists travelling to Benidorm, and were responsible for most of the most drunken behaviour reported at the airport.

From the two years before, 75 per cent of criminal complaints had been about UK travellers.

The figures, released by Spanish air safety agency AESA, revealed 720 people had been fined €580,300 (£497,000) at Alicante’s El Altet airport in the past three years.

They also claimed they had received a total of 216 criminal complaints, with 163 involving British tourists.

Meanwhile, in Spain, some resorts put limits on the amount of drinks Brits were able to have this year.

And fines of up to £50,000 were brought in elsewhere to crack down on drunken behaviour.

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