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Mum of three dies just nine days after tragic diagnosis as heartbroken pals say ‘she didn’t even get a chance to fight’

A MUM of three died just nine days after she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.

Elizabeth Kelly, 39, “didn’t get a chance to fight” as she succumbed so quickly, heartbroken friends said.

Mum of three Elizabeth Kelly had her first symptoms just 16 days before she died

She leaves behind her husband AJ and their children, Sienna, seven, and five-year-old twins Scarlett and Fletcher.

The mum, from Melbourne, Australia, was described as “beautiful, healthy and happy” until just a month ago.

She first started experiencing symptoms 16 days before her death on December 15.

Elizabeth then went to the doctor on December 6 thinking she had kidney stones.

It quickly became apparent she was suffering from something much worse, reports

She had skin cancer which had spread to her kidneys, lungs, breast, spine, lymphatic system and brain.

She started a course of treatment hoping for a Christmas “miracle”, friends said.

But just four days later she was rushed to hospital with “what felt like a migraine”.

A tumour in her brain was bleeding and she died soon after.

Family friend Russell Spear started a GoFundMe page to help support her grieving family.

He wrote: “Words can’t describe the impact of the loss of such an incredible woman.

“Grief isn’t a strong enough word for what we feel, but we grieve for the loss of a daughter, a wife, a mum and a friend and for those three little kids who will now have their mum only in their memories, hearts and when they see the stars in the sky.

“Liz didn’t even get a chance to fight this so we are asking our friends to help AJ and the kids fight everything that comes next.

“To navigate their way through this tremendously difficult time without the financial stress. Allowing AJ, Sienna, Fletcher and Scarlett to focus on their grief and healing as a family.

“With reluctant agreeance, AJ has allowed his friends to ask for your support.

“To support and give our friend and his three cheeky kids the breathing space to care for each other after the most unfair and heartbreaking of events.

“All monies raised will go directly to AJ as he supports his family through the harrowing next chapter.

“We will wrap our arms around AJ and the kids ensuring Liz’s warmth, energy and personality shines through Sienna, Fletch and Scarlett.

“We love you Liz and you will be forever in our hearts.”

Russell told Yahoo News Elizabeth was a “beautiful, healthy lady” who was “vibrant and full of life”.

He added: “She did all the right things – ate well, rarely drank and exercised – but unfortunately this still happened.

“Cancer doesn’t discriminate.”

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Widower David Minns even thought about smothering daughter Katie to end her suffering.

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