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Passenger reveals very cheeky way to get a refund on his flight – and people love it

A PASSENGER has revealed the unusual method they used to try and get a refund on a flight.

The man was booked onto a Jetstar flight from Darwin to Adelaide, but was unable to make the journey for personal reasons, which would have left him out of pocket due to the airline’s refund policy.

The man sent a letter from a made up clown company to try and get a refund

However, when the airline contacted him to say that the time of the flight had been changed, by five minutes, he saw an opportunity to try and get a refund.

The airline requested proof that the man was unable to make his flight as a result of the change of take off time.

In response, he sent them a letter from a made up clown company, explaining that the change of time would “affect business” for them.

The letter reads: “Valid document created by clowns are us company.

“To whom it may concern, This letter is to inform Jetstar that a refund will be required for the flight for our best clown.

“Our clown shows in Darwin and Adelaide are at very specific times as seen below: Darwin School Clown show 0800 – 1000, Adelaide School clown show 1435L – 2300L.

“This flight change will affect business as you can see our schedule is very tight so we are now required to book with a different company.

“Kind Regards, Bilbo Daggins, Chief Clown, Clowns are us company.”

Much to the man’s surprise, his clowning around worked and he was granted a full refund.

In a post on Reddit, he explained: “Jetstar amended the timing of my flight that I was never going to make.

“To get a refund they told me to supply documentation providing proof that I couldn’t make it so this is what I gave them.

“I got the refund! Prior to contacting them I was unaware of what the changes to the flight were.

” I found out that the flight had only changed by 5 minutes.

“Seeing as I was never going to make the flight, I figured I might as well try to get a refund.”

Other users loved the man’s tactics – one said: “This is legendary.”

Another wrote: “There are so many good parts of that letter.”

A third added: “Trying to silently laugh at this is impossible… this is brilliant.”

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Jetstar granted the man his refund after his letter was considered proof

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