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Passenger fakes engagement proposal during flight to get free champagne and even makes crew cry – but divides opinion

A MAN has divided opinions online after he proposed on a flight, only for the engagement to be fake.

TikTok user Roman Romero shared his proposal with his 42,000 followers.

Roman Romero divided opinions online after he proposed on a flight

While the video seemed somewhat genuine, his caption read: “One time I faked a proposal to a friend of mine on a long plane ride to get bottomless champagne for free.”

The video started with a shot of a flight attendant serving two glasses of champagne on a tray decorated with a single red rose to a female passenger.

As the female passenger giggled, several flight attendants loitered in the aisle near her seat.

The camera then panned to Roman who said: “Two and a half years ago, Aliza and I met on an airplane flying to New York City.

“Every moment since then has been absolutely magical, you’re the most beautiful woman I know inside and out and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

“Aliza, will you marry me?”

While the female passenger struggled to contain her laughter, the male influencer kissed the back of her hand, and pulled her in for a hug.

Several flight attendants then serenaded the “newly-engaged couple” by performing an Ed Sheeran song on a ukulele, and some members of cabin crew even cried.

The video has since racked over 19million views online, and it has left users feeling conflicted.

In the comments many people thought the stunt was both entertaining, but wrong.

One person wrote: “I’m laughing so hard, but at the same time thinking this is so wrong.”

While another added: ” [The] smartest scam I’ve seen all day, they even played a little song for you guys.”

While many others tagged their friends in the post to see if they’d pull a similar stunt: “I am so willing to do this with you.”

He isn’t the first to pull the stunt – a flight attendant revealed she and her husband always wear a t-shirt suggesting they are on their honeymoon to get freebies.

Another flight attendant revealed how she stopped an over-excited couple trying to join the mile-high club, while another watched a passenger do some yoga in the aisle.

Meanwhile passengers revealed the weirdest things they’d encountered on a flight.

Many people thought the stunt was entertaining but wrong

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