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Shoppers rush to buy Asda advent calendars reduced to just 75p

WE’RE three days into December but there’s still time to pick up advent calendars from Asda for as little as 75p.

Retailers often slash the prices of their calendars in the first week of December to get rid of excess stock.

Asda is selling calendars for as low as 75p but stocks are limited

So if you’ve not bought yours yet and don’t mind catching up on a few days’ worth of chocolate, you could bag one at a discount.

An Asda spokesperson said the supermarket chain started halving the price of its advent calendars on December 1.

That includes a Cadbury’s Dairy Milk one for 75p.

Shoppers on Facebook are saying they’ve found Peppa Pig ones for £1 too.

But the Asda spokesperson added stocks were very low so there’s no guarantee you’ll get the calendar you want at your nearest store.

Of course, it’s always worth looking around for the best deals when shopping.

You can use websites like that let you compare thousands of products across a number of supermarkets.

Or websites like PriceRunner let you compare a wider range of products like mobile phones, toys and homeware.

When we looked online for the Cadbury’s advent calendar we couldn’t find it cheaper than at Asda.

Sainsbury’s and Waitrose were selling it for £1.50 while it was £2 at Co-op.

These were online prices though so they might be different in your nearest store.

Plus, we found a number of other calendars for less than 75p on sale.

Ocado, which delivers for M&S, was selling a range of calendars at reduced prices.

Shoppers can get a Peppa Pig milk chocolate treats calendar for 62p down from £1.25.

There’s a Paw Patrol calendar for 62p too, and a Milkybar one for the same price.

Again, these are based on online prices and you might not necessarily get them for the same price in-store, if they’re in stock.

How can I save money on shopping this Christmas?

There are other ways to save money this Christmas as the cost of living soars.

One supermarket is selling a £15 Christmas dinner deal which it says will feed a family of four.

But what else can you do? We’ve got a few suggestions below.

Make a list

Heading out shopping unprepared can encourage rash buying and leave you spending more.

Instead, draw up a list of everything you want to buy to keep you focussed and save money.

Go own brand

Consumer champion Martin Lewis has previously told households to take part in the “downshift challenge” which involves going for supermarkets own brand products.

So ditch “finest” products in favour of “own” or “value” brands.

Here we carried out a Battle of the Brands to tell you exactly how much you could save on 15 products.

Buy wonky products

Sometimes supermarkets sell wonky or misshapen fruit and veg for cheap, like Lidl through its Waste Not scheme.

Other supermarkets offer similar schemes, including Asda.

You could try using an air fryer to cook your festive feast too – like Sun reporter Lucy Alderson.

In other news, shoppers have been rushing to buy a £10 Aldi item that keeps you warm and can save on energy bills.

Plus, Marks and Spencer has made a major change at 10 of its stores.

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