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Shoppers rush to Home Bargains to buy ‘brilliant’ £1.99 mould remover

SHOPPERS are rushing to buy a bargain spray that fights mould and mildew in your home.

Home Bargains fans spotted the item and shared the helpful find on social media this week.

Shoppers are praising this £1.99 mould remover spray from Home Bargains

Mould and condensation can spread around the house particularly when temperatures drop in the winter.

If left untreated, mould can pose a risk to vulnerable Brits with existing health problems like eczema or asthma.

But some savvy shoppers have found a mould remover spray for £1.99 in Home Bargains that can eliminate mould and mildew.

They shared their find in the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK.

One shopper described it as “brilliance in a bottle”.

Another wrote: “I use this, it’s brilliant. I even sprayed it on my blinds and it worked great.

“It didn’t discolour them as I was expecting it to do, it just took the mould off.”

And one more praised: “It’s amazing. I’ve used it once so far and nothing has come back.”

If you want to try the spray, you’ll have to visit your nearest Home Bargains as it isn’t available online.

But you may want to call before your visit to avoid a wasted trip if it isn’t in stock.

You can find your nearest Home Bargains by using the store locator tool on the retailer’s website.

But make sure to shop around elsewhere as well in case there’s a better deal on offer at another store.

You can use tools like Google Shopping to compare prices, or download the Latest Deals app to search items and find where they’re cheaper.

We found a similar mould and mildew spray by Astonish on sale for just 95p in Wilko.

Dettol also does a similar item, but for the more expensive price of £3.50.

You could also try damp traps, which works by soaking up condensation in the air.

You can hang them them up in your wardrobe or cupboard and let them sit.

They usually cost a few pounds on average, but shoppers have found the perfect one for just £1 from Poundland.

More tips

We tested out some top hacks for tackling mould to see how effective they are.

Dehumidifiers are a good idea to keep by windows to prevent condensation from collecting – shoppers have even spotted one that costs £50 from Argos.

And they don’t cost much to run either – according to experts at Uswitch, dehumidifiers normally use 185W – so they usually cost about 6p an hour to run.

There’s also the trick of placing salt in a bowl and hoping it catches mould – our reporter Harriet Cooke said it worked quite well.

And, costing at £1.70 for 500g from Tesco, salt isn’t too expensive to buy either.

You can read a full list of mould prevention hacks and our verdict in our test here.

We also spoke to a property pro who said it’s important to take mould seriously.

You can read all the tips he has to give here.

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