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I’ve been given just weeks to live after a tiny mark on my foot turned out to be deadly – I’m terrified

A YOUNG women has bee given just weeks to live after doctors found a tiny mole on her foot.

Natalie Fornasier, 28, has spent the past four weeks in end-of-life care after being told in July that her skin cancer was terminal.

Natalie Fornasier, 28, has been diagnosed with skin cancer leaving her just months to live

The writer from Sydney, Australia, was diagnosed with the melanoma at 20 when a mole on her toe suddenly changed shape.

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that can spread to other organs in the body.

It is the deadliest from of skin cancer, killing near around 2,300 people each year, according to charity Cancer Research UK.

The disease is triggered by too much sun exposure and is currently killing more people than ever before.

Since 1973, death rates from melanoma have increased by 219 per cent in men, compared with the rise of 76 per cent in women, the cancer charity has found.

Natalie has been sharing her cancer journey with her 29k Instagram followers and received an outpouring of support from across the globe.

In her most recent post, the writer shared a “heartfelt thank you to everyone for their messages of love, support, kindness” and their “generous donations”.

She continued: “Today marks four weeks in palliative care. It’s absurd it’s been that long – time is so fluid, it feels like none has gone by but the calendar says otherwise.

“I miss my home incredibly – I miss my trinkets on the fireplace sitting pretty and my couch that basically swallows you. I miss my kitchen. I even miss the possums in the roof.

“But I can no longer walk without aids, my legs are filled with fluid, my whole body aches 24/7 and the tumour burden is intense,” she said,

“My pain is increasing slowly, day by day I can feel my body slow just that little bit more which is such a bizarre thing to witness – especially when you can physically feel it too.”

“However these yellow tinged walls with creaky old doors is the best place for me to be – it’s safe (and fully stocked with all the meds I need!),” she added.

In a post on Facebook, Natalie said the word “terminal” had terrified her since her first diagnosis as dying was always a possibility.

“The last four months have been brutal,” she said.

“At the end of July, I received the news that my cancer was now terminal and had months left to live,” she explained..

“I’ve cried myself hoarse about the fear of death. I’ve screamed for the children I would never have, growing old, my friends, the life I was supposed to live.’

The young writer has dedicated years to raising awareness to the dangers of skin cancer, but admits she never thought she would have to enter the ‘dying’ frame of mind.

Natalie’s friends put together a GoFundMe to cover funeral expenses, living costs for Alexander and his mum and to ease the pain of what’s happening to Natalie and her family.

“Whatever is given is appreciated beyond words, from the bottom of our hearts,” the page states.

The GoFundMe has reached nearly AUD$10,000 (£90,322) of its AUD$100,000 (£82,858) goal – to donate click here.

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