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The clever £9 item that stops you getting a sore back on long flights

FLYING can be incredibly uncomfortable, especially for our backs.

But there are ways to minimise back pain during plane journeys and make our flights much more comfortable.

The hammock has adjustable straps and is made of breathable material

One of those methods involves a unique product, which is available for £9 on Amazon.

The airplane footrest hammock allows passengers to stretch their legs out, which can actually be incredibly beneficial for our backs.

As lifestyle and travel writer Kaitlyn McInnis explained in an article for Conde Nast Traveler, putting her feet up on a footrest hammock can really help minimise pain.

She said: “I notice a big difference when I’m able to stretch my legs out straight – which can be tough in a small economy seat.

“However, the airplane foot hammock allows me to extend and elevate my legs even if I have minimal leg room; just attach it through the tray table and create an in-flight hammock for legs and feet.”

Kaitlyn isn’t the only passenger to have had positive results using the hammock either.

From more than 370 ratings, the item has an overall score of 4/5 on Amazon.

It’s lightweight at just 108g, but folds down small enough that it can be placed in a pocket or briefcase.

It can also be used at work under a desk, or on buses and trains.

Of those who gave it five stars, plenty also left positive reviews.

One said: “I was having a bit of a problem with sciatica pain in my left leg.

“I purchased this and it definitely made a difference for me.

“I only use it maybe 5 minutes or so at a time, as I need it, but it does certainly help relieve the pain.”

A second wrote: “The foot rest works great. My back and legs weren’t stiff at all after my flight.”

A third added: “Really does make a big difference when flying using this product. Big fan!”

Meanwhile, travellers swear by this £10 bag that lets them fly with just hand luggage.

This genius £2 item will help you save space in your luggage.

Stretching your feet out can help you relieve back pain on flights

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1 Comment

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