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Ten must-see places in Greece

Lindos Bay, Greece

Full beaches and fully booked hotels again – Greece is expecting many travelers from all over the world for the 2022 summer season. But what actually makes the country so popular? From the islands to the mainland.

Balos beach in Crete

Crete – the largest island of Greece

Greece has around 200 inhabited islands, the largest of which is Crete. Here you will find culture, mountains, beaches and lots of sun. A mountain range runs through the center of the island, there are wide beaches to the west and smaller bays to the east. Crete is also historically interesting because you can still find ancient remains from the Minoan high culture such as the famous palace of Knossos.

View of the town of Oia in the sunset, Santorini, Greece

Santorini – a volcanic island in the Aegean Sea

This view of the town of Oia on the small island of Santorini is one of the most popular photo opportunities in Greece. Characteristics are the whitewashed houses and churches with their blue domes built into the hillside. Due to its volcanic origin, Santorini is not a classic bathing island, but there are still some beautiful beaches with dark sand or pebbles.

Lindos Bay, Greece

Rhodes – a bathing island with 3000 years of history

Rhodes’ landscape is diverse – there are steeply sloping coasts as well as flat sandy beaches, green pine forests and mountains. In between small villages, castle ruins, monasteries and churches. Highlights are the old town of Rhodes Town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with the Grand Master’s Palace of the Order of St. John or Lindos (picture) with a dream beach and ancient remains of an acropolis.

View of Mykonos island with its white buildings and azure sea

Mykonos – the party island

With its typical blue and white architecture and exquisite yachts in the harbor, Mykonos is considered a party hotspot for the jet set. The small island lies 160 kilometers southeast of Athens and offers plenty of clubs, chic boutiques and restaurants, but also fantastic beaches – so it’s no wonder that the island is so popular with tourists.

View of Navagio beach with shipwreck on Zakynthos island, Greece

Zakynthos – photo spot with shipwreck

Turquoise bays, spectacular cliffs, and lush green characterize Zakynthos. Anyone vacationing on the island should not return without a photo of Navagio Beach with its shipwreck (picture). In addition to the beautiful nature and quiet villages, the island also has a lot to offer for party fans, especially in Laganas with its more than 50 clubs, music bars and pubs.

Timoni Bay in Afionas, a popular travel destination, Corfu, Greece

Corfu – millions of olive trees and a canal of love

With its Mediterranean forests and more than four million olive trees, Corfu is considered one of the greenest islands in Greece. Crystal-clear water and romantic beaches like Porto Timoni (picture) make the Mediterranean island a holiday paradise. The Canal d’Amour, a passage between two rocks, is famous. Everyone who swims through it should find love on the other side.

View of Pefkohori beach, Greece

Chalkidiki – the three fingers of Greece

In addition to the country’s many islands, there is also the Chalkidiki peninsula in the north. Because of its special shape, it is nicknamed: the three fingers of Greece. On the “finger” Kassandra you can celebrate and shop well, on Sithonia spend a quiet vacation. There are many monasteries on Athos, but visiting them is very limited and only possible for men.

The Parthenon Temple on the Acropolis of Athens, Greece

Athens – Greece’s capital

Destination number one on the mainland is of course Greece’s capital the Acropolis. An acropolis was usually built on the highest hill of a city as a fortification and later developed into a place of worship with the most important sanctuaries – like the Parthenon in Athens (picture). In addition to ancient testimonies, the city also has many museums, restaurants, and charming districts.

The remains of the Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia at Delphi, Greece

Delphi – famous oracle site

On the slope of Mount Parnassus near the city of Delphi lies what was once the most important place of worship in ancient Greece. In mythology, Zeus sent two eagles flying from each end of the world, which met at Delphi. Since then, the place has been considered the navel of the world. In the Temple of Apollo, many sought advice from the oracle. Today, visitors can see the ancient remains that are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Holy Trinity Monastery on top of a large rock with mountains in the background

Meteora – the floating monasteries

The monasteries of Meteora look like the setting of a fantasy film. But no, these unusual rock formations really do exist in Thessaly on mainland Greece. The first monasteries were built here in the 14th century, presumably to be closer to God. So “meteoros” means soaring high. Today six of the monasteries can be visited.

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