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Ten reasons for Leipzig

Leipzig café beer garden pub downtown flash gallery (picture alliance/dpa)

In honor of the composer Johann Sebastian Bach, the Bach Festival 2022 will take place in Leipzig from June 9th to 19th. A good time to visit Leipzig. In addition to the Bach Festival, there is also a lot more to see.

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Bach, Thomas, and Princes

Leipzig is a city of music. The famous Gewandhaus Orchestra and the Thomanerchor have their roots here, the composer Johann Sebastian Bach lived here from 1723 to 1750, and the band “Die Prinzen” is at home here. In addition to the music, there are many other reasons why the “Lonely Planet” travel guide has put Leipzig in first place among the top travel destinations in Germany for 2021.

Karl Liebknecht Street Killwilly

The in-street KarLi

Leipzig is booming. Young people in particular are drawn here. You can feel this young and creative atmosphere everywhere. For example on Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse, called KarLi for short. Bars, unusual shops, and adventurous factory lofts mix here. Quote from Lonely Planet: “The city is young, exciting, multi-faceted, sometimes colorful, sometimes grey, with vibrant liveliness.”

Leipzig Westpaket flea market

Scene meeting point Plagwitz

The Plagwitz district with Karl-Heine-Strasse is also an attraction for young people. The unfinished charm of the city is particularly noticeable here: new pubs have opened next to old factories. Inexpensive studios and offices attract artists and start-ups, and graffiti adorns unrenovated houses. There are also events such as the “West Visit”, an alternative art, culture, and street festival.

Leipzig café beer garden pub downtown flash gallery (picture alliance/dpa)

Going out for every taste

Leipzig has many restaurants and cafés – which are open again and shape the ambiance of the old town. The club scene is also daring to restart. In the legendary Distillery Club, you can once again enjoy cocktails in the new outdoor seating area while the DJ plays.

City view of Leipzig - Plagwitz (picture-alliance/dpa/P. Endig)

Charm of decay

The many open spaces in the city leave room for new ideas. Typical are the old industrial buildings that are used as party locations or event locations. But many a factory site – such as the Maschinenfabrik Leipzig here – is still deserted and fascinates in its own way.

Germany Tour of the Leipzig spinning mill (picture-alliance/dpa/H. Schmidt)

Art instead of cotton

A renowned example of the redesign of a former factory is the cotton spinning mill. Studios, galleries and exhibitions make it the center of the Leipzig art scene. The gallery Eigen + Art is also based here. It made the “New Leipzig School”, a modern painting movement, internationally known. Its most famous representative is Neo Rauch.

Germany Paulinum of the University of Leipzig (picture-alliance/dpa/H. Schmidt)

Modern universities with a tradition

Leipzig is very popular with students. The University of Leipzig was founded in 1409, making it the second oldest in Germany. Celebrities such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Richard Wagner studied here. The centrally located main building of the university with the church – since 2012 in a new look – flushes student life right into the heart of the city.

Germany Leipziger Neuseenland (picture-alliance/dpa/J. Woitas)

From mining to bathing landscape

Everything can be reached by bike, including the artificial lakes in the Leipzig area. There are quite a few. The most popular meeting place is the Cospudener See. Originally there was a deep lignite opencast mine here. That was flooded and transformed into a bathing lake. On its shore there is the longest sandy beach in Saxony, it is one kilometer long.

Lene Voigt Park in Leipzig Reudnitz (picture alliance/dpa/T. Schulze)

Places to chill

The parks and gardens in Leipzig’s city center are always well-populated in summer. For example the Lene-Voigt-Park (picture) or the Clara-Zetkin-Park. Playing volleyball, barbecuing, or just lazing around in the hammock – you’ll see mainly young people here too.

Germany Leipzig - Gothic Wave Meeting (picture-alliance/AP Photo/J. Meyer)

Wave Gothic meeting

Every year at Pentecost, Leipzig’s parks offer a special spectacle. Thousands of supporters of the “black scene” conquer the city at the “Wave Gotik Treffen”. It is the largest Gothic festival in the world. Three days of shows, concerts, and parties. You can see not only participants in black costumes but also in opulent Victorian dresses, with wigs and elaborate hats.

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