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Tourist reveals snack hack to avoid paying for food on flights – but not everyone is convinced

A TRAVELLER has revealed a clever way to get freshly prepared food on a plane, without having to pay for it on board.

Short-haul and budget flights often won’t provide food to passengers and will instead charge them over the odds to buy something during the journey.

Emily said her hack helped her bring food on board without having to pay for it

However, there are ways of getting around that, by bringing your own food on board.

Sometimes people will choose simple snack items, while others will pack noodle snacks and ask the flight attendants to simply add water.

However, one tourist has taken things in a new direction, showing how she was able to take a large freshly prepared sandwich onto her flight, without buying it on board or bringing it from home.

Emily, or emilyeatsandexplores, filmed herself going through airport security, where she collected an extra see-through bag, intended for people to keep their liquids in.

In a video she then shared on Tiktok, she showed how used the bag to store hot fresh food from the departures lounge, that she could then eat during her flight, instead of having to go hungry mid-air.

The video has now been seen more than half a million times, but other users aren’t convinced it’s a worthwhile “hack”.

Some people suggested she seemed desperate, while others pointed out that she would still be spending a lot of money, having bought food from the airport.

One said: “Did you know you can buy boxes of those same bags and carry them with you?

“You can even put food in them at home and bring it with you!”

Another wrote: “The real hack is, don’t buy food at the airport.”

A third added: “Seriously. Who is that desperate?”

Emily is not the only Tiktoker to have filmed themselves taking cheaper food onto a plane recently.

User ‘letsbefranc’ revealed how she never goes hungry and never hands over any money.

In a video, she showed how she brings her own sandwiches, crisps and sweets to the airport, while also revealing how she avoids buying water.

She said: “We got through airport security in ten minutes at Gatwick.

“We got all of our food through, so I’m going to show you what food I brought through security, which was fine. It’s just another good hack for when you’re trying to travel cheaply.

“Airport food can be quite expensive and also the queues here are crazy, so we’re glad that we brought our own food.”

She revealed what she brought through with her so she didn’t have to spend any money after security.

She continued: “The first thing we brought through was an empty bottle of water and filled it up at the water fountain here because there are water fountains available at every airport. You’re allowed to bring an empty bottle through.

“I brought us both a ham and cheese roll each, a packet of crisps each and we also had a banana each.

“I’ve got sweets in my bag for the plane as well.”

Meanwhile, this passenger was filmed eating a bizarre snack during a recent flight.

And this man claimed that he found a cockroach in his meal, which the airline disputed.

She used a see-through security bag to bring food from the airport on board

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1 Comment

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