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Woman refuses to swap seats with disabled man’s wife so she can take him to the loo during flight

A WOMAN has sparked a debate about swapping seats on a flight with another woman and her disabled partner.

The passenger was on an American Airlines flight and had paid extra for her aisle seat.

A woman refused to give up her pre-booked seat to a disabled man’s wife (stock image)

She’d already sat down and stowed away her belongings when she spotted the couple boarding the aircraft.

She soon realised that the man was unable to walk on his own, and was being aided by his partner.

She wrote on Reddit: “They stopped right next to my seat and she asked me to move so she could help him into his seat, which was not a problem.”

After the man took his seat, both women were standing in the aisle, which ended up holding up the boarding process.

She added: “She asked me to switch seats with her, but her seat was 24B – a middle seat further back.

“I said no, but she says he needs help getting up if he needs to use the restroom, so she needs my seat.

“But I still say no because I paid extra for the seat upgrade and sit back down.”

The woman explained that the man sat next to her and watched films on his phone during the 90-minute flight with no issues.

The woman received a lot of support from other people including one who wrote: “I won’t say she’s an a******, but giving up their seat clearly would’ve meant something to that couple”.

Someone else said: “They are definitely not a selfless or kind person either, would it have killed her to move?”

Someone else said: “A disabled person shouldn’t have to pay extra for their caregiver to be with them.”

But some users disagreed with the couple: “This woman’s attitude is ridiculous – unless the man has seizures, or some other condition that requires immediate intervention, there is no reason to babysit an adult.”

It isn’t the first time something like this has happened – another woman refused to trade plane seats with a mum who’d been separated from her child.

And one passenger has divided opinions online after refusing to move from her seat to allow her family to sit together.

A mum has revealed how she gets passengers to swap seats without causing any problems during a flight.

People were divided about whether she should have moved (stock image)

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