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Winter health warning over hidden conditions that flare up in cold weather – know the signs

A WINTER health warning has been issued over hidden conditions that flare up in cold weather.

And Brits are being urged to know the signs their body may be suffering from seasonal illnesses.

A health warning has been issued as it’s nearing the time pesky winter conditions crop up

For some, winter means Christmas time with family and snuggling up by the fire with a hot cup of tea.

But for others it’s the time of year persistent health conditions flare up – or new issues arise.

The colder months bring shorter days and drier air which can mean more than just feeling chilly.

Cold air has trouble maintaining moisture, which leads to lower humidity levels and overall drier air outdoors.

Plus, heating blaring indoors can dry out the air as well, and the lack of daylight plays its part, too.

For some, health issues that may rear their ugly head more in winter are dry skin, hair loss, joint pain, dry lungs and brittle bones.

But the colder weather can also lead to seasonal depression, blood clots, incontinence, and heart attacks for others.

Studies show drier air can lead to drier skin which may see rashes develop, according to MailOnline.

And those with eczema will most likely find they’re more affected than others.

This can also see the scalp get flaky and itchy which dries out and damages hair follicles and can result in hair loss.

The dry air can also impact people with asthma more as it can irritate their airways and make their symptoms even worse.

Arthrtis sufferers may notice their joints are getting sorer, too.

That’s because when it’s cold the body sends blood to the core organs, leaving the joints stiff and causing nerve endings to be more sensitive.

And the lack of sunlight can see the body deprived of vitamin D, which can result in a loss of skeletal tissue or brittle bones.

It can also lead to Seasonal Affective Disorder, or seasonal depression, which is more likely to affect people who already struggle with their mental health.

That’s because more darkness outside can even disrupt a person’s circadian rhythm.

And, health issues that may strike for people in winter that they don’t often struggle with can crop up, too.

Sudden changes in temperature cause thermal stress for the body – which has to work harder to maintain its constant temperature.

In particular, research has shown this makes it more likely for people to suffer from dangerous blood clots during winter.

Plus people exposed to cold weather are more likely to suffer a heart attack, a study revealed.

The colder weather can also wreak havoc on your pelvic floor, and subsequently lead to issues with incontinence.

Meanwhile, Brits are being warned the way they’re heating their homes this winter could be causing serious damage.

There are also four winter bugs that are rife in kids, and parents are being urged to know the signs.

Families are also being urged to know the signs they must never ignore as there is a stealth killer pneumonia that strikes in winter.

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1 Comment

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