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Woman slams her boyfriend for boarding their flight without her – but people are divided

A WOMAN has slammed her boyfriend for boarding a flight they were booked on together without her.

The pair were in separate priority boarding groups, but the woman expected her partner to wait so they could get on the plane together.

The man got on the plane before his girlfriend causing them to have an argument

She was shocked when that didn’t happen and he got up and went to his seat as soon as his boarding group was called.

This led to an argument on the plane, before the woman reached out to social media site Reddit to see if people were on her side.

She wrote: “My boyfriend (26M) and I (24F) travelled by plane to go to my parent’s house for Thanksgiving. We checked in together and had different boarding groups – he was group 1, I was group 3.

“This is significant since both groups are considered priority boarding.

“We are both under the impression that boarding groups do not necessarily matter – we are seasoned travellers, very efficient when boarding planes.

“When the plane started boarding they obviously called group one first and my boyfriend gets up and boards without me.

“I was annoyed, since groups 1 and 2 are both super small, and group 3, my group, usually gets called super fast, if not combined with group two.

“After my group gets called (literally less than 5 minutes later) and I get on the plane, I told him he could have waited for my group to get called and we could have boarded together.”

The boyfriend felt he hadn’t really done anything wrong, and accused his girlfriend of acting unreasonably.

However, she felt like she had every right to get annoyed after what he’d done.

She continued: “He told me that it wasn’t a big deal, and I said it was since we were traveling together, he had never done that before.

“We got into a mild argument about it on the plane, nothing huge since we were on a plane.

“He thinks I’m being unreasonable for starting an argument and being upset about him boarding before me but I think it’s justified since he had never done it before.”

More than 3,000 people responded to her question, sparking debate about who was in the right.

A lot of people were on the boyfriend’s side, saying the woman had made a big deal about very little.

One wrote: “I can see why he boarded before you. He needed a short break.”

Another said: “Seriously? You have to start a fight over something this petty? You’ve got problems.”

However, others were on her side saying her boyfriend should have waited for her.

One said: “I just flew with my bf and he had all kind of perks automatically I didn’t, and he gave them all up so we could hold hands and go through the process together.

“Isn’t the point of traveling together to spend time together?”

A second added: “When my partner and I travel in Europe, I always have the option of skipping the Visa check queues and leaving him behind to wait his turn in a longer line. It would never cross my mind to do that.”

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The woman was annoyed and took to Reddit to see if people agreed with her

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