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WordPress vs Blogger 2022: Is WP Better? | 👍Pros & 👎Cons

It is a little bit hard for beginners to choose the blogging platform they will use.

The most common blogging platforms are WordPress and Blogger.

Both of the two platforms are free to use, but they are not completely free!

Which is better WordPress or Blogger?

One of the first questions beginners ask is: Which is better… WordPress or Blogger?    In this post we will not tell you “WordPress is better than Blogger” or “Blogger is better than WordPress”.

But we will mention each platform’s pros and cons, so you can choose which is better for you, WordPress or Blogger?

WordPress Pros and Cons

WordPress.Org is a free open-source PHP script, WordPress is a very common blogging platform 20% of all internet sites are using WordPress especially the most common magazines and newspapers sites (e.g: BBC America, Tech Crunch, Facebook, etc. ) and proudly WP Made Easy.

WordPress Pros:

  • Free and Open-source Software so you do not have to purchase the script.WordPress Logo - WordPress vs. Blogger
  • You have complete access to your site files.
  • Free regular updates.
  • You can add many functions just by installing WordPress plugins.
  • Supports custom themes, which are free or premium.
  • Offers more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) options, so you can increase your site’s search results presence and ranking by installing one or more WordPress SEO plugins which is free or premium. This will help you a lot drive more traffic to your website and share your business with more people.
  • Offers more security options.
  • More control over your blog or site.
  • You can upload videos, photos and files to your site space.
  • Your site cannot be closed any time unlike Blogger.
  • You can earn money from your site by using many ways such as Google AdSense and Affiliate Programs etc..

WordPress Cons:

  • WordPress is not completely free; to use WordPress you need first to buy hosting for WordPress and a domain which need to be renewed regularly.
  • Although WordPress is one of the most secure scripts, but if we compare it to Blogger; Blogger is more secure as there are only two ways to hack Blogger either by hacking your Blogger account or by hacking Google itself!. But WordPress can be hacked Sad smile.

Blogger Pros and Cons

Blogger is a free service from Google for hosting blogs for free. To create your own blog simply go to and signup with your Google account, then you will be able to create your blog and start posting.

Blogger Pros:

  • Totally free: You can start your blog for free without paying any money, unless you want to by a domain and link it to your blog.
  • Unlimited number of blogs: You can create any number of blogs you want with one Blogger account.Blogger Logo - WordPress vs. Blogger
  • Customizable: Blogger supports custom blog templates, which are free or premium so you can customize your blog appearance.
  • Blogger is Secure: Google hosts your blogs for free on it’s secure Data centers, so you don’t need to worry about your blog security, unless Blogger itself is hacked or some one hacked your Google account.
  • Choose between a free sub-domain or custom domain: Blogger offers a free sub-domain for your blog like:, or you can buy a TLD (Top-Level Domain) and link it to your blog and in this case you need to pay for your domain name registerar only as Blogger doesn’t require any extra fees for custom domains.

Blogger Cons:

Still confused about choosing between Blogger and WordPress?

If you still confused and do not know the best blogging platform to choose; I’ll tell you what to do…

If you’re building a new business and you’re planning to creating a big site you need to use WordPress because it is the best for your growing business.

If you are building a small blog you can use Blogger as a beginning then you can buy a custom domain and link it to Blogger or you can move your blog to WordPress platform after you buy a WordPress Hosting and a domain.

Generally I prefer WordPress as it is the best for your growing business, unless you cannot buy a hosting and a domain.

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