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I’ve worked at Aldi for 16 years – a little-known trick can get you Specialbuys that are no longer in store

BARGAIN hunters looking for last-minute Christmas shopping deals at Aldi are in for a treat.

Thanks to Aldi store manager Lee Cowell, a trip to the popular supermarket can result in savings galore, with bargain deals and cut-price food items available.

Lee Cowell, an Aldi store manager, has worked at the discounter for 16 years

Of course, this assumes you know where to look.

The 49-year-old manager of the Kings Hill branch, who lives in Maidstone, shares his inside knowledge with The Sun to help you have a very merry Christmas.

The festive season is a very expensive time of year, and due to the current cost of living crisis, many of us will be looking for ways to make our money go further. 

It doesn’t help that food inflation has gone through the roof recently, so footing the Christmas food bill can be stressful.

As a result, Aldi – known for keeping things cheap – is attracting even more customers than usual with its low prices.

One man who knows only too well the secrets of shopping at Aldi is Lee – he has worked for the supermarket for 16 years. 

Here’s Lee’s list of the top things you can do to keep your costs low and what to look out for during a visit to Aldi.

Know when to shop

Knowing the best times to shop can save you both money and time.

Lee said: “All of Aldi’s UK stores mark down perishable products such as bread, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables by 75% on their last day of life before the stores close.

“These reductions often start at 30% and increase to 75% closer to closing, so later times can often mean lower prices.

“You can bag amazing bargains on food if you come close to shutting time.”

Meanwhile, families who are looking for quieter times to shop should make the trip in the evenings, according to Lee.

He said between 7pm and 10pm are usually Aldi’s quietest period.

Mid-morning to mid-afternoon is often the busiest time and can get very busy, especially in the run-up to Christmas.

Deals to look out for

Two of Aldi’s most popular year-round discounts include the “Super Six” and “Fresh Weekly Offers”.

Every fortnight, Aldi picks six of its favourite fruit and vegetables to offer shoppers at lower prices.

Meanwhile, fresh meat and fish products will be part of the “Fresh Weekly Offers”.

Lee said both offers range from brand new, first to market specials to bigger packs with even better value.

Look out for reduction stickers

Aldi also has a scheme where it marks down certain goods by 30% if the packaging is imperfect, including items such as rice, pasta, cereal and tinned food.

Lee said: “For some products, the tin may be a bit bashed or a packet has a mark on it.

“Nothing is wrong with the food whatsoever so these are good products to look out for.”

Lee added that these products tend to go quickly though, so shoppers should keep their eyes peeled.

The best aisles to look at

One key way to spot a bargain at Aldi is to keep your eyes peeled for red stickers.

Lee said these are a “sure-fire sign of a hefty reduction of up to 75 per cent”.

In addition to checking out the “Super Six” and fresh meat specials, he recommended heading to the Middle Aisle.

Lee said: You won’t find just pizza ovens and egg chairs there but lots of seasonal essentials too – including now everything you need for Christmas – from candles and wrapping paper to Christmas puddings, and festive biscuits.”

The latest Specialbuys land in store on a Thursday or Sunday, so you’ll want to head to the store then to pick them up.

Specialbuys that are no longer in store

Last but certainly not least, Lee revealed a Specialbuy tip that Aldi shoppers may be unaware of.

He said: “One thing Aldi shoppers might not know about is that they can get a range of Specialbuys at an even lower price by going online.

“There is a sale section on the Aldi website, where you can find Specialbuys that are no longer available in stores.”

In other words, the next time you’re disappointed about missing out on a Specialbuy in store, head to its website in case it’s available there.

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