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I tested popular Aldi Christmas dupes and the branded versions – I was surprised but some just can’t be beaten

WITH Christmas just days away, most of us are stocking up on our festive treats.

It’s good news for Aldi shoppers as the discounter sells a whole load of cost-cutting dupes of all the big brand items you love.

We tested some popular Aldi dupes against the branded equivalent

Aldi is famous for creating dupes of popular products and selling them at bargain prices.

From perfume to gin, the discount supermarket has made its own versions of practically everything you can think of.

Earlier this month we shared 11 Aldi dupes that could save you 45% on your shopping.

Now, I’ve put some of the most popular dupes to the test.

Each of the Aldi products has been compared against the branded equivalent.

I’ve compared them on taste and appearance and made sure to include the price differences at the time too.

Sparkly gin

First up is the popular glitter globe gin liqueur

Shoppers went wild for M&S’ gin glitter snow globes last year, with shops selling out and buying limits put in place to try and meet demand.

So, when Aldi then released its own version for £6 less, it caused quite the stir with the two going bottle-to-bottle.

But this year, the supermarket has released three new bottle designs, each with a flurry of 23-carat gold flakes.

I tried the Infusionist 23ct Gold Flake Blueberry And Blackberry Flavoured Gin Liqueur 50cl, which costs £13.99.

I compared this to M&S’s Spiced Sugar Plum Light up Snow Globe Gin Liqueur which is on offer currently for £10, down from £15.

At first sniff, the Aldi bottle smells fresh and fruity, while M&S’s smells much stronger.

For me, the M&S bottle is much more festive but that is partly because it lights up.

I also like how it has the festive scene printed on to it to really give you a snow globe feel.

Aldi’s design is of course very festive and unique, but you can’t quite see the glitter as well.

In terms of taste, the sweetness of Aldi’s blueberry and blackberry flavour makes it really enjoyable to drink.

Despite the two being the same ABV of 20%, M&S’s was a little too strong for me, I think I’d need some tonic to add next time.

But, it was definitely pleasant and a more Christmassy flavour.

Seashell chocolates

I could barely spot the difference between these two choc boxes

Next up are these yummy chocolate seashells – a discounted version of the popular Guylian chocs.

Chocolate lovers can pick up Aldi’s Moser Roth Belgian Chocolate Seashells for £2.69 for a 250g box.

This would save you £2.81 when buying the same size branded product at Tesco for £5.50.

At first look, Guylian does definitely look smarter than Aldi’s dupe.

The box lid opens up on a hinge, whereas Aldi’s chocs are on a slide-out tray.

Both sets of chocolate look remarkably similar, so much so I’m not sure you’d notice if you swapped a few out for the other.

Each individual seashell-shaped treat is filled with praline and coated in chocolate.

Taste-wise, I did prefer the branded chocs due to the slightly richer and creamier taste of the hazelnut praline filling.

But, saying that, there was barely anything in it and they did both taste similar.

Irish cream liqueurs

Who doesn’t love a tipple of Baileys at Christmas?

Finally, it’s everyone’s favourite cream liqueur.

Baileys is a festive season essential for most households, but it can end up costing a lot.

Luckily, Aldi sells its own version called Specially Selected Luxury Edition Irish Cream Liqueur and a 70cl bottle (17% alcohol by volume) costs just £7.99.

I tested this compared to the original Baileys (also 17%) bought from Tesco.

I could only grab a litre but a 70cl bottle costs £15.75 from the supermarket.

Meanwhile, Sainsbury’s and Asda are currently charging £13 for one litre.

On the first pour, Baileys is thicker and Aldi’s is a little more watery.

Baileys has got a very distinct rich smell that makes me eager to have a sip but Aldi’s also has an appealing scent.

For taste, I think Baileys does have it slightly over but they are pretty close.

And, for over half the price of the branded bottle, Aldi is certainly a worthy alternative.

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