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Amazon’s Christmas advert is heart-warming tale of festive joy made by famous Marvel film director

AMAZON has launched its Christmas advert for 2022 and it’s here to remind us of creating festive joy. 

The latest release follows a series of Christmas adverts from Argos, John Lewis, McDonald’s and more.

The father and daughter enjoy being in the Snow Globe
The daughter is captivated by her Snow globe in the ad
Inside the snow globe

Directed by award-winning director and actor Taika Waititi, known for his work on Thor, Jojo Rabbit and Boy, the advert features a father and his daughter, who is enamoured with a Christmas snow globe. 

Before too long, we’re made aware that the little girl hates being separated from her much-loved toy, wanting to take it to school, dentist appointments and even to bed. 

She even sets a place at dinner for it.

The globe brings comfort and joy to her and as the father realises this, he quickly sets out to create a life-sized version of her toy. 

We watch him place an order for a shredder using the Amazon app, before borrowing other items, such as a Christmas tree and fan, from neighbours.

Then, the father takes his daughter to their greenhouse, unveiling that he’s transformed it into the snow globe, complete with a teddy bear dressed as a snowman and swirling snow created by shredded newspaper. 

The big reveal demonstrates a father’s love through his resourcefulness and inventiveness, determined to make his child’s Christmas a magical experience – it ends with the message: “Joy is made”.

The song featured is “You Hold Me Up”, a new release by US Indie artist The Bones of J.R. Jones.

The advert hits the screens during tonight’s (November 14) showing of Coronation Street.

Taika Waititi, who is a Academy Award, BAFTA and Grammy winner, also directed Coca Cola’s Christmas advert in 2020.

The ad followed a dad, who works on an oil rig, doing everything he can to deliver his daughter’s letter to Santa.

Fighting against the odds – including a whale knocking him out of a boat, trekking across mountains and through a desert – he finally makes it to Santa’s workshop only to find it’s “closed for Christmas“.

It’s not until the end that the dad reads the letter.

Instead of presents, his daughter has asked: “Please bring daddy home for Christmas.”

Viewers were left in tears after watching the advert and one person wrote: “I’m not crying at the Coca-Cola Christmas advert, you’re crying at the Coca-Cola Christmas advert.”

Another user described it as a “tear jerker” before crediting the acclaimed director.

Last year’s Amazon Christmas advert reminded us of the kindness of strangers.

It featured a young woman and her older neighbour who learns of the rise in anxiety across young people amidst the Covid-19 outbreak.

The neighbour purchases a bird feeder from Amazon after seeing the young woman feeding birds in the park and tell us that kindness is the greatest gift.

In 2020, Amazon’s Christmas advert featured a ballet dancer whose performance was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Left devastated, her younger sister and the community around her secretly pull together to give her a stage outside their block of flats and an audience.

With the help of a flashlight bought from Amazon, the ballet dancer finally performed an emotional finale for her awestruck neighbours in the snow.

The advert paid tribute to the spirit of community, specifically during a pandemic.

Before that in 2019, viewers praised Amazon’s Christmas advert saying it was the best they’d seen.

It featured a whole host of people singing and dancing to Solomon Burke’s classic track, “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love”.

Amazon’s release has followed a flurry of Christmas adverts unveiled in the last couple of weeks.

M&S kicked off its campaign with one from comedy duo French and Saunders, whereas the Sainsbury’s ad features This Morning’s Alison Hammond.

The much-anticipated advert from John Lewis was released and it melted hearts by highlighting the plight of vulnerable children.

It explores the foster system and seeks to raise awareness around those in care across the UK.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s, like John Lewis and Aldi, advert toned down its Xmas advert amid the cost of living crisis.

The fast food giant’s latest ad features Alfie, a little boy overlooking a father and daughter playing together on a bike – reminding viewers of the ‘little moments’ this Christmas.

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