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Twirl fans are only just realising that Cadbury has made a major change to Heroes tubs

TWIRL lovers are only clocking onto a major change to Heroes tubs just now.

In early September, choco giant Cadbury revealed there would be a change to Twirl sizes in time for Christmas.

Shoppers are only just noticing a change to Twirls in Cadbury’s Heroes selection tubs

It means the Cadbury Twirl comes in two normal-sized bars rather than bite-sized like the other chocs.

But it’s only now that shoppers are beginning to spot the change.

Sharing their findings to social media, one customer posted a picture of the tub, writing: “Any reason why I’ve not got any Twirls in my hero’s, just two long ones?”

Another complained: “Do we have a world shortage of miniature Twirls???”

One said: “Opening my box of Heroes to find two Twirls in there instead of the mini ones, does this mean I’ve won something or was there just a shortage at the factory on the mini ones?”

And another mused: “Cadbury’s seemed to make a last ditch attempt with a Heroes box and put normal Twirls in the box instead of the mini Twirls that usually come with the box.

“I mean I’m happy with more chocolate than usual but this is very peculiar!”

Mondelez, the US food giant which owns Cadbury, told The Sun supply chain issues have affected the availability of bitesize Cadbury Twirl products.

A spokesman said: “To ensure we can continue to bring our loyal consumers the products they know and love, we have temporarily substituted bitesize Cadbury Twirl in Heroes Tubs, to the slightly larger Cadbury Twirl 21g.

“Rest assured consumers can enjoy the same amount of chocolate as before with the overall weight of the product remaining the same.”

Currently, 600g Cadbury Hero tubs are selling for £4 at Tesco and Asda (with a £3.50 Clubcard price at Tesco and two for £7 deal at the latter).

Sainsbury’s also do them for £4, down from £5, but they cost £4.99 each at Morrisons.

You can compare more prices using the site

It’s not the first time Cadbury has been hit with supply chain issues this year.

In June, the chocolate firm reported that supply chain issues had hit stocks of Flakes.

In August, it was also reported that Brits faced a shortage of Mars bars due to production issues.

It comes as a number of big manufacturers are being criticised for shrinking the size of their products, while keeping prices the same.

This is known as shrinkflation – a term made up of two separate words: shrink and inflation.

This means that consumers will be paying more per given amount.

If you’re looking for more ways to save at the supermarket, we’ve revealed ten tips to cut your supermarket bills.

But selection box shoppers shouldn’t worry too much – there are still bargains to be found on supermarket shelves.

Customers have been rushing to Tesco stores to get their hands on its selection boxes for a bargain price.

Shoppers with a loyalty card can get their hands on the KitKat Chunky selection box for just £1.50.

The 225g festive treat box contains two milk chocolate KitKat Chunkys, two caramel bars, one peanut butter flavoured bar and a white chocolate KitKat Chunky.

For shoppers without a Clubcard, the selection box will set you back £3.

Tesco is also selling a 360g Aero selection box for just £2.50 for Clubcard shoppers.

Chocaholics who bag the deal can tuck into a chocolate, peppermint, white and orange-flavoured Aero bars.

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