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Choc fans are furious over big change to Celebrations – ‘this calls for mutiny’

Celebrations has removed Bounty bars from some of its boxes this Christmas – and the move has divided shoppers. 

While additional Galaxy, Mars, Milkyway, Snickers and Teasers bars have been added, there’ll be 2,000 Bounty-less tubs available. 

Many choc fans are not happy about the change to Celebrations

The move comes as part of a trial to see if shoppers want to get rid of Bounty’s permanently. 

But many chocolate lovers have taken to social media to express their anger at the decision, while others have happily wished the coconut-flavoured chocolate adieu. 

One person Tweeted: “Whoever decided to take Bounty’s out of Celebrations boxes is a genius, what a game changer.” 

Another pleased shopper said: “A tub of Celebrations with no Bounty? Best news I’ve heard in a while.”

One person said: “You must be a very sick person if you still want Bounty in the Celebrations box, good riddance.”

But there were a lot of people who were upset, even furious, with the news. 

One person said: “Bounty removed from Celebrations? There’ll be a mutiny over that!”

Another angry Tweeter said: “Good morning to everyone except the person who decided to remove Bounty’s from a tub of Celebrations.”

A third disappointed customer said: “You [Bounty] didn’t deserve this. The true underdog.”

This isn’t the first time Bounty has caused controversy.

In 2020, shoppers were fuming after finding Bounty bars were behind the doors of the Celebrations advent calendar for the first and second day.

Then, in 2021, Mars Wrigley offered to swap unwanted Bounty chocolates for a more-loved Malteser after Christmas.

Even Quality Street divided opinions amongst the chocolate-loving community.

Earlier this year, Nestle revealed that tubs of Quality Street were changing forever as it introduced recyclable packaging for the sweets, axing the iconic shiny wrappers.

Last month, The Sun revealed that tubs this year could be missing one of four popular flavours – fudge, toffee penny, caramel swirl and chocolate block.

While some shoppers may find an extra orange crunch in their tubs.

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1 Comment

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