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Cheapest UK shop to buy Bailey’s this week so you can stock up for Christmas

WITH just 65 days to go until Christmas, people are stocking up on all the essentials for the big day.

For many, including us, a bottle of Baileys is definitely on the list.

Here’s where you can bag a cheap bottle of Baileys this week

Despite it being available all year round, there is something about cream liqueurs that feels a bit more comforting in winter.

Baileys has always been a pretty pricey choice, usually being sold at around £20 for a litre of its original Irish Cream Liqueur.

This has prompted several supermarkets, such as Aldi and Asda, to introduce their own versions in the past.

But for those looking for the real thing, it’s always handy to know where you can get the most for your money.

As always, remember to check elsewhere in case we missed a cheaper price – there’s never a bad time to catch a bargain.

Prices may vary day to day as well depending on what deals are on, and remember to look at delivery costs too if you’re ordering online.

There’s a really easy-to-use comparison site called, which compares the prices of 130,000 products across 14 major supermarkets.

The Latest Deals app also lets you search items and helps you compare prices at several supermarkets to see where it’s cheaper.

When it comes to Baileys, it is always worth remembering that it can be cheaper at other times of the year, especially in the run-up to Christmas.

Last year in mid-November, Tesco was selling a litre for £7.50 – its lowest price ever.

By using Trolley and Google shopping we’ve narrowed down some of the cheapest places for you to grab a bottle of Baileys this week.

Please drink responsibly and for advice or support about drinking alcohol please visit

The Bottle Club has made its entire Baileys range more affordable by slashing its prices on all variations.

It is offering the 1L of Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon flavour for just £9.99 – down from £18.99.

Although it’s worth noting that it has a best-before date of August 31, 2022.

While a best-before label is about quality, not safety, flavour and texture may change, so look out for mould, taste to see if food is stale and use the “sniff test” to smell if dairy products have soured.

You can also get two bottles of the Vanilla Cinnamon and the original for £32.99. This is down from £39.99.

It’s selling the original Baileys for £14.99 but it’s currently out of stock.

Lots of its products are in high demand and are unavailable at the moment but you can ask to be notified of restocks on the website.

Standard delivery for The Bottle Club costs £4.95.


Asda is currently selling a bottle of Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur for just £13.

This is a £7 reduction from its usual £20 for a litre.

It’s also selling a 70cl bottle for just £10, down from £14.29.

Both of these are on the supermarket’s “roll back” offers which change frequently, so they may not be around for long.

You can pick up the bottles online or in-store.


Sainsbury’s is selling a litre bottle of the original Baileys for £13 as well.

This is an even bigger reduction for the supermarkets as it’s usually sold for £22.

Similarly, it has reduced the price of its 70cl bottles from £16.50 to £10.

Again, both of these are on special offer and may be fleeting so you’ll have to be quick.

These are available in your nearest Sainsbury’s and online.


For Tesco Clubcard customers you can grab a litre for £13 too – both in-store and online.

Those of you without the supermarket’s points card will be stuck paying £21.

In fact, Tesco has reduced the prices of the majority of its Baileys products for Clubcard holders.

The Chocolate Luxe flavour, 50cl, is now £12, both the Coffee and Orange Truffle flavours are £13 for a litre, and a 70cl bottle of original is £10.

You’ll need to be speedy though as the Tesco website says the offers are only valid online until November 7.


For online shoppers, you can grab a 1L bottle for £13 on Amazon too.

This may be an ideal option for Amazon Prime customers as you don’t have to pay for delivery.

We also checked out shopper favourites like Morrisons and B&M but their current prices were not as low, with Morrisons selling a litre for £22 and B&M selling 70cl for £12.99.

Those of you who have started your Christmas chocolate shopping, we’ve also rounded up of all the places you can get cheap Quality Street.

Or, if you’re in the mood for Christmas shopping, check out Amazon’s huge toy range here.



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