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McDonald’s fans are rushing to buy new mini potato waffles – and they are all saying the same thing

MCDONALD’S rolled out new mini potato waffles this week – and fans already can’t get enough.

The breakfast item was added to its menu for the first time ever on Wednesday, alongside a couple of new burgers and a McFlurry.

McDonald’s rolled out the mini potato waffles this week

The waffles are served as a portion of three and are available on their own for £1.39, or as part of a breakfast meal.

The McDonald’s breakfast menu is available from 5am to 11am before it switches over to its standard menu.

Fans of the golden arches chain have already gone wild for the waffles, which have given hash browns a new rival.

One user tweeted: “Not that anyone asked for my opinion but the new McDonald’s potato waffles are 100x better than the hash browns.”

While another added: “McDonald’s mini potato waffles are way better than the hash browns.”

A third said: “The potato waffles from McDonald’s wowswww.”

Plus, a fourth added: “Mcdonald’s potato waffles. Absolute game changer!!!!”

The waffles cost 10p more than hash browns for £1.29, but keep in mind prices vary between locations.

The new addition can be ordered at one of McDonald’s 1,270 restaurants in the UK.

A portion of three potato waffles contains 201 calories.

The NHS recommends women to have 2,000 calories a day while men should have 2,500 calories a day.

What were the other menu additions?

The BBQ Bacon Stack has also made a comeback – it was axed from the menu in July last year.

The burger, made with two juicy British and Irish beef patties, topped with pepper jack cheese and bacon, will set you back £6.89 for a large.

To make way for its return, McDonald’s is removing the Big Tasty burger.

All Chicken Legends are also being removed from the menu.

Meanwhile, the McCrispy burger also became a permanent addition to its menu on Wednesday.

The crunchy chicken fillet comes in a sourdough-style bun, with lettuce and mayonnaise.

It costs £4.99 and contains 485 calories. A medium fries and a drink meal costs £6.49.

For those with a sweet tooth, a brand new Twirl McFlurry also joined the menu.

It is made with ice cream and pieces of Cadbury’s Twirl with Milk chocolate sauce, and costs £1.69 for a regular size, or £1.19 for a mini.

Last but not least, Nacho Cheese wedges are also being added to the menu, although not until October 26.

These will cost £2.29 for a portion of five, or £5.99 for a share box.

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