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Inside the abandoned private jet that belonged to Elvis and how you could own it

A PRIVATE jet that once belonged to Elvis Presley could be yours, if you’ve got the cash.

The 1962 Lockheed JetStar aircraft that the King purchased in 1976 for more than £685,000 will be auctioned at the start of next year.

The plane has red velvet interior decoration, including seats with recline and swivel functions

The jet, which is unable to fly, has remained hidden away in an “aircraft boneyard” in Roswell, New Mexico for more than 30 years.

It features plush red velvet seats and red carpet and original woodwork.

The aircraft is being sold with a copy of the Aircraft Security Agreement document signed by Elvis, as well as bill of sale documentation.

The plane’s red exterior has silver accents, while the custom interior upholstery features red velvet and gold-finish hardware.

A lot of the components have been removed from the cockpit of the Lockheed

The plane comes with an original onboard Kenmore microwave, a cassette player and a television with RCA VCR player, with Elvis’ love of TV well documented.

There are six passenger chairs on board, with swivel and recline functionality, as well as extra cabin seating for up to nine occupants.

It also contains an onboard lavatory.

The plane’s engines and many cockpit components have been removed and no engines or replacement parts are included with the sale.

The plane has no engines and cannot fly but is being sold as an exhibition item

The aircraft will require disassembly to be shipped but is described as “an incredible restoration opportunity to create an Elvis exhibit for the world to enjoy”.

The jet is the only of the planes that belonged to Elvis that is still owned privately as the other two in existence are owned by The Elvis Presley Museum.

In the spring of 1977, it was sold, later ending up with a Saudi Arabian company.

The JetStar was then moved to Roswell International Air Center, where it’s been stored for decades and resides to this day.

It comes with a television and a VCR player, with the King’s love of TV well documented

It will be sold at the Kissimmee 2023 auction, which runs from January 4-15.

Auctioneers Mecum haven’t shared an estimated pre-auction price for the jet, but they promise: “a truly rare bird with immense appeal”.

It is not the first time that the jet has been put up for sale with a 2017 auction giving it a starting price of just under £8,000.

That was part of an Elvis auction, in which a custom designed 4.5-carat diamond and solid 14k carat yellow gold ring was also sold, with an estimated value of £27,000.

At the time, the items were sold through a different auction company, GWS auctions, whose owner Brigitte Kruse, said: “This jet is a remarkable find.

“It has attracted a lot of tourists in Roswell, and it still has the original woodwork, inlay, red velvet seats and red shag carpet.

“It has the potential to be fully restored and made the centrepiece of a major exhibit.

“This is the only jet owned by Elvis that is still owned privately, he owned it with his father Vernon, from what we understand it’s a very early asset.

“It’s in impressive condition for being in the desert for 30 years, inside is impeccable, the engine has been taken out, but it’s a perfect exhibit piece.

“Whether that’s for a museum, casino or someone looking for a focal point it will be an amazing piece.”

Meanwhile, this is what Walt Disney’s abandoned private plane looked like.

And this is how you can book your own private plane for much cheaper than you might think.

Elvis’ private jet has been in Roswell New Mexico for more than 30 years

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