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Hotel guest reveals how he made a pizza from scratch in his bathroom but people are not happy about it

A man has stunned people by making a pizza from scratch in his hotel bathroom.

Cooking in hotel rooms is nothing new, with guests often using things like the iron to warm up food.

The man measured out his ingredients on his bathroom counter near the toilet

However, Tiktok user @Barfly777 took things to a whole new level by knocking up a dough and cooking a pizza within the questionable surroundings of the bathroom in his hotel.

In a video, he is seen measuring flour, yeast water and other ingredients on the marble surface next to the sink, with the open toilet in shot behind him.

He uses an empty medicine bottle to measure out the ingredients.

A caption applied over the top of the footage claimed that he adds seasoning to his dough mixture to “cover up the taste of bathroom“.

He used extra seasonings to cover up the taste of bathroom

Next, he kneads the dough and lets it rest, before using the hotel’s ice bucket to roll it into a pizza shape, still on the bathroom surface.

The man then uses a portable stove that he brought to the hotel with him to warm up the dough on both sides, before applying toppings.

To improve the quality and texture of the cheese, he uses a heat gun that he also brought with him for his hotel stay.

Finally, the man lays the pizza out on the bathroom counter, before putting it on a plate and eating it.

Next he used a hotel ice bucket to roll the dough out into a pizza shape

While the pizza did admittedly look tasty in the end, a lot of people were unconvinced by the location of his makeshift kitchen.

More than 1.8million people have seen the video, most of whom were concerned for the man’s health.

After sprinkling on cheese and pepperoni he used a heat gun to cook it

One wrote: “Everyone who works at hotels is throwing up right now.”

A second said: “This is the craziest video I’ve ever seen in my life. Pizza made 1 foot away from the toilet.”

A third added: “As somebody who used to work for a hotel, you could not pay me enough to do this.”

The man is not the only person to have alarmed people with their hotel room meals.

A hotel hack video on Youtube revealed how everyday items like irons and kettles could double up as kitchen appliances.

Rebecca Tan showed that by wrapping up the metal side of an iron in foil, and nestling it upside down, it can be used like a stove top.

A different Tiktok chef, Jago Randles, from Cornwall, made meals like burgers, noodles, tacos and toasties using the iron, as well as the coffee maker.

In one video, he makes a creme brûlée, complete with caramelised strawberries.

He also always uses baking parchment on the iron, to avoid getting it dirty, as well as making the most of the coffee pot to cook liquids and steam veg.

Meanwhile, this is how you can tell if your hotel room has been cleaned properly.

And this is the hygienic reason why you should always wear the hotel slippers.

The pizza looked delicious but people weren’t happy about it being made in the bathroom

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