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Man fuming after wife is charged £40 at the airport for her oversized suitcase – no one is on his side

A HUSBAND was furious after his wife was charged £40 for an oversized suitcase at an airport.

The man had asked his pregnant wife to use a different bag and was fuming after she ended up getting a fine for her luggage.

The pregnant woman was less bothered about the fine than her husband (stock image)

However, she was a lot less bothered by the whole incident and said that she couldn’t understand why he was so upset.

In a post on Reddit, she explained that she couldn’t use the bag her husband wanted her to because their pet cat had been sick in it the night before.

Instead, she opted to use a hard-shell wheel suitcase, that she knew was probably over the size limits, but thought no one would check.

However, when they got to the airport, she was asked to see if it would fit in the bag sizer, leading to her having to pay a £40 excess baggage fee.

This caused her husband to get mad and accuse her of being spoilt.

She wrote: “He was LIVID and said it was my fault, I was to blame, that I am spoiled for wasting £40, that I don’t understand the value of money and that I needed to apologise to him.

“I don’t think I should apologise because 1. I didn’t have any other bag options 2. I paid the fine 3. £40 is not the end of the world.”

Other people were divided on whether or not her husband was right to get angry about the situation.

One of those on her side wrote: “If he wants you to apologise so badly, he is welcome to pack for everyone for all future trips to ensure this never happens again.”

A second said: “Apologise to him? For what? This is controlling behaviour. Very disturbing. Does he always treat you like this?”

A third added: “Next time, pack HIS stuff in the cat vomit bag!”

People have been seen resorting to drastic measures to get around having to pay excess baggage fees.

One group of easyJet customers were seen snapping the wheels off their cases to make sure they fit the airline’s sizes.

Footage of the frustrated passengers was shared to Tiktok by user Anna (@annapalumbo91).

In the video the travellers are seen stamping and pulling the wheels to remove them from their cases.

Another traveller appeared to have found the perfect way to pass security at the airport with an extra bag without them noticing.

TikTok user Elyukaa shared a clip showing a fellow passenger casually showing his ticket at the desk before boarding.

What many failed to notice is that he had managed to hide a backpack under his jacket.

The tip is proven successful as the man passes through control and heads over to the plane.

Meanwhile, this passenger went viral earlier in the year for going to extreme lengths to make sure he didn’t have to pay extra for his hand luggage.

These are the UK airlines with the strictest hand luggage policies.

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