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Plane passenger praised for ingenious trick to ‘avoid extra bag charge’ at airport gate – can you spot how he did it?

A PLANE passenger has been praised for his ingenious trick to avoid paying the extra bag charge at the airport gate.

The traveller appears to have found the perfect way to pass security at the airport with an extra bag without them noticing.

The passenger can be seen showing his ticket at the desk
He then walks off with an extra bag hidden in his clothes

TikTok user Elyukaa shared a clip showing a fellow passenger casually showing his ticket at the desk before boarding.

What many failed to notice is that he had managed to hide a backpack under his jacket.

The tip is proven successful as the man passes through control and heads over to the plane.

The video, posted on TikTok was captioned: When you dont want to pay for that extra bag.

And social media users were left stunned by the travelling hack branding it genius.

One said: he even walked away in a hurry at an angle lol.

Someone wrote: I literally did that yesterday they wanted to charge me $99 for 14lb so I put all the shirt on me in front of them

One said: I watched this about 5 times before I noticed so great idea.

Another Tiktoker said: Im trying this for sure next time.

Meanwhile, another traveller has revealed how she manages to pack for a three-week trip without using checked-in luggage.

And a flight attendant has revealed the most common item that passengers lose on the plane.

Thousands of travellers swear by a 29.99 bag that means you never have to pay for hand luggage again.

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