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I’m a plane expert – these simple tricks will transform your journey if you hate flying

A FLYING expert has revealed how petrified passengers can overcome their fear of flying with a few simple tricks.

Paul Tizzard, who works as a fear of flying coach, has shared his tried and test coping mechanisms to help passengers face their fears.

Petrified passengers can overcome their flying phobia by writing a check-list of their day from check-in to landing

He explained how passengers can take back control by writing a simple check-list that covers everything that is likely to happen on a flight.

Paul told the Mirror: “A flight checklist of every step of the flight from check-in to the other end, people find that helpful because it’s very logical.”

He added: “Those who fear take-off fear the point of commitment, while landing-haters often like the power of the take off, but the landing makes them worry what would happen now they’re near the ground.”

Paul recommends watching YouTube videos, so passengers can familiarise themselves with these parts of the journey.

Breathing techniques are another one of Paul’s vital tools that help to keep nervous flyers calm.

For anyone who suffers from claustrophobia on a flight, it’s a good idea to book a seat where you’ll be most comfortable, and to listen to the safety talk given by the flight attendants.

If you’re a passenger who overthinks unlikely events, try and read or listen to some first-hand accounts of travellers who’ve overcome their aerophobia – this will help you to appreciate and understand how irrational some of your thoughts are.

Flight attendant Patricia Green told website Simple Flying how you can get over your fear of flying by reminding nervous flyers that: “[you’re] more likely to die from being kicked to death by a donkey than being involved in an aircraft accident.

She recommends watching how flight attendants work and move through the cabin and learning how planes work to feel more in control when on board an aircraft.”

Meanwhile, these tips can also help you prepare for a flight if you’ve got a fear of flying, including courses you can take to help you get over your phobia.

Understanding how the plane works also helps passengers to overcome their fears

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