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Eating 60 grapes a day can help prevent sunburn, study shows

EATING 60 grapes a day can help stop people from getting sunburn, a study found.

People who ate the fruits every day for two weeks were better protected against skin damage from ultraviolet light.

A study found eating 60 grapes a day can help stop people from getting sunburn

Natural components found in grapes, called polyphenols, are thought to be responsible.

US scientists fed 29 participants grape powder.

Around a third of the group had some resistance to ultraviolet light after eating the powder.

Ten per cent still had resistance four weeks after they had stopped eating it, the study in journal Antioxidants said.

More than 210,000 cases of non-melanoma skin cancer and around 16,000 cases of the more deadly melanoma are diagnosed in Britain each year.

Rates of skin cancer are increasing faster than any other cancer in the UK, with figures doubling every 10 to 20 years.

Most skin cancer cases are linked to ultraviolet radiation from the sun and around 90 per cent of skin ageing is caused by the sun.

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