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Greggs reveals which of their items you can take through airport security & those banned

THERE are few things more disappointing than having your food and drink confiscated at airport security

To save their customers the pain, Greggs has revealed which of their baked goods will make it through and which treats are banned.

Greggs has revealed which of their items will make it through airport security

The bakery giant has drawn up a flight-safe food guide in response to customers in their airport shops asking whether they could take their snacks through security.

The definitive list gives customers clarity on whether they can enjoy their snack on the plane or scoff it before reaching security.

Passengers will be pleased to know that all Greggs bakes are safe to board a flight.

That includes the famous sausage roll, as well as festive bakes, vegan festive bakes and pigs under blankets baguettes which are part of the Christmas menu.

Toasties, sandwiches and pasta salads will also sail past security, as will fruit pots and sweet treats, including doughnuts, yum yums, cookies and cakes.

All liquids must be under 100ml at airport security, or they will be confiscated.

And the 100ml liquids rule does take its toll on some Greggs goodies.

All drinks, hot or cold, are banned from getting through security.

Similarly, yogurt pots, porridge pots and soups won’t make it through either.

The hated 100ml airport rule is set to be abolished in 2023 though, with passengers allowed to take two litres worth of liquids in their hand luggage under a major relaxation of airport rules. 

It means holidaymakers can take a big bottle of water, tube of toothpaste or can of deodorant through security for their flight.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper said: “The tiny toiletry has become a staple of airport security checkpoints, but that’s all set to change.”

Cutting-edge tech will be phased in over the next two years to allow the new rules to come in by June 2024.

X-Ray scanners will give officers a clearer 3D image of what’s in passengers bags.

Meanwhile, travellers have revealed the weirdest things they have had confiscated at airport security.

One man said they had to throw away their oatmeal he hadn’t finished eating as it had “too much liquid” left in it.

Someone else chimed in: “Got pulled aside at the airport security because apparently hummus is a ‘liquid’.”

One guy called it a “jam scam,” saying: “My dude got stopped because a jar of jam counted as a liquid and they confiscated the jam and then we noticed they sold the same jam in the airport.”

Passengers will be pleased to know that all Greggs bakes are safe to board a flight

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