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Guest reveals five hidden secrets on board Disney cruise ship – including a Frozen themed spa room and a £4100 drink

A DISNEY cruise ship guest has revealed five hidden secrets that guests can enjoy on board.

Disney resort Tiktoker All Ears share facts and tips about Disney experiences with their 80,000 followers and early this year they told people about the fun extras on board the Disney Wish ship.

All Ears revealed five secrets that guests might not know about on Disney Wish cruises

The cruise was launched in July this year, but the vessel is so huge that passengers still might not be getting the most out of their experiences on board.

That’s why All Ears (@allearsnet) wanted to show the hidden extras they could find when booking a trip on the ship.

The first thing they reveal is the “kiss goodnight” from Cinderella.

This comes in the form of a light show that starts at 11:55pm every night in the grand hall.

Guests can have a ‘kiss’ goodnight from Cinderella at 11:55pm every night

The display is four minutes long and features music and sound bites from Cinderella, right before the clock strikes midnight.

Next up on the list was a room that’s “basically designed just for Elsa from Frozen“.

That room comes in the form of the frigidarium, a cold therapy room, that uses icy temperatures to sooth aches and pains.

As All Ears point out, passengers can only see this room, if they book a ticket for the Senses spa.

The frigidarium is part of the Senses spa and provides cold therapy

Third on their list of ship secrets is the secret slide entrance into the Oceaneer’s club from the Grand Hall.

This slide can be used by both children and adults, although there are only certain times when grown ups can act childish and have a go.

Adults can use the slide from the Grand Hall but only on certain days

Adults are only allowed to play on the slide on day one of the cruise, which is known as “open house”.

The fourth hidden bonus for passengers was a pricey one in the form of a special $5,000 (£4,100) drink.

The Kaiburr Crystal can be ordered from the Star Wars themed hyperspace lounge and actually includes four drinks and comes with four cups.

The drinks are served in a special security camtono, a storage device seen in the Star Wars series The Book of Boba Fett.

The Kaiburr Crystal can be ordered on the ship for more than £4,000

For that money, passengers don’t get to keep the camtono, but it does reportedly grant them special amenities on the ship, including a bottle of wine from George Lucas’ Skywalker Vineyards delivered to their cabin.

The four grand cocktail also reportedly grants visitors a trip to Skywalker Ranch, which is located in California.

The ranch is the workplace of film director, writer and producer George Lucas.

Finally, more of a practical secret than anything really special, passengers have a nightlight in all of their bathrooms, so they don’t have to turn the big light on when going to to the toilet in the middle of the night.

Meanwhile, this cruise ship worker revealed the hidden crew areas where he goes to drink when off duty.

And this is how to get into secret areas of certain cruise ships.

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