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I was baffled by a plane passenger’s selfish behaviour – but not everyone agrees with me

A PASSENGER was left in an awkward situation this week thanks to a fellow airplane passenger’s long hair.

After taking his seat on a flight from Montreal this week, Adam Butler was faced with the female passenger in front’s locks draped over the back of her chair.

The woman in front was draping her long hair over the back of the seat

The 57-year-old quickly realised his view of the in flight entertainment was obscured by the curly strands – ahead of the seven hour flight.

The question of what he should do next has provoked dozens of responses and thousands of likes on Twitter.

Sympathetic Niamh Lewis wrote: “I feel for the girl, it’s a struggle to have long, thick, curly hair in general, worse on a flight.”

But her kindly comment was countered by fellow Twitter user Amanda Yeardsley, who said: “Are you kidding me? I have thick curly hair, wore it long for most of my life and have never felt the need or been rude and selfish enough to do this.”

Passengers battling over space on planes is nothing new and flight attendants have waded in on the disputes to try to provide some guidance.

Speaking to Insider, one revealed who gets the armrests in the middle of the row of seats.

She said: “If I could give an airline-etiquette PSA, I’d say I wish more passengers knew middle seat armrests are for the middle seat passenger — both of them.”

Other flight attendants and travel experts have backed her up.

Cabin crew member Boris Millan explained the Confessions on the Fly podcast: “They did a lot of research in the UK for some reason about this – when you sit in the middle seat, you get to have…”

At which point LJ interjects: “You get both armrests!” And Boris agrees: “It’s common sense, guys. It’s common sense.”

Dealchecker’s Travel Expert, Rosie Panter also told Cosmopolitan: “It’s universally accepted that the middle seat passenger has drawn the short straw, so they should get the luxury of both armrests.”

Elsewhere, a plane expert revealed the rules around reclining seats on planes – and what the etiquette is when relaxing in the cabin.

Some people will often choose to make themselves less comfortable in order to not disturb the people sitting behind them, but their comfort should come second to yours, according to plane expert Ben Schlappig.

Ben has flown more than 4,700,000 miles since he was a teenager, so knows a thing or two about plane etiquette.

In a blog post on One Mile at a Time, he claimed that reclining a seat is a right for all passengers, regardless of who they are sitting in front of.

He said: “For me it’s quite simple. Reclining your seat, when the functionality is available, is a right. After all, the recline button is located at your seat, and not the seat behind you.”

Meanwhile, this flight attendant revealed the magic phrase that will stop people in front of you reclining their seats.

And a passenger explained how she always wins seat reclining battles during flights.

The man was baffled by the woman in front’s behaviour ahead of their long flight (stock image)

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1 Comment

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