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I’m a hospice nurse – here’s 3 things everyone needs to know about dying and people are shocked

DYING is a scary prospect and for many – it’s the unknown that is often most frightening.

Now one hospice nurse has revealed three things she believes everyone needs to know about the process.

Nurse Julie McFadden said there are three things you need to know when it comes to dying

Taking to TikTok, Julie McFadden said there are three things you need to know about the experience,

The first, she said, is that it’s completely natural.

She explained that the second thing, is that your body will take care of you during your final days.

And surprisingly, the third thing you need to know, is that’s it’s actually better to be dehydrated in your final moments.

“The drier you are, meaning the more dehydrated you are, the better and more peaceful death will be,” she said.

Hospice nurse Julie added: “I know it may sound weird, but i’ve witnessed hundreds of deaths as a hospice nurse and this is what we know.”

Many people in the comments section said they were ‘shocked’ that it was better for patients to be dehydrated in their final moments, with many asking Julie to explain why this was the case.

The expert added that the reason it’s better for a patient to be dehydrated is because their body is shutting down and can’t handle fluids.

Nurses at Oregon Hospice previously said that dehydration was one of the most peaceful ways to die.

This is because when it kicks in, the body releases certain chemicals that have the effect of dulling the senses.

These are then able to act like an anaesthetic, helping the dying patient feel less pain.

Nurse Julie previously revealed a telltale sign that your loved one will die in a few days.

Julie said purple marbling that occurs on the feet and works its way up is a sign of death.

She explained: “This is a sign of actively dying which means they will be dying within a few hours to a few days.

“It’s called mottling. It’s much easier to see on white skin, it’s a little harder to see on darker skin but it can be there.”

She also said that another sign that your loved one is about to die, is the death stare.

The term, which the expert coined herself, refers to when a “loved ones seemingly stares beyond you, or stares into the corner of the room or up to the ceiling,

“Sometimes they talk and say they see something but other times they will just stare.,” she explained.

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