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I’m a urologist – here’s how your smelly pee could be a sign of a silent killer

SMELLY urine is not usually a cause for concern, and most of the time it’s down to what we consume.

But one expert has warned that if your pee smells a bit funky, then it could be a sign of a silent killer.

One expert has revealed that strange smelling urine could be a sign of diabetes

Urology doctor Amy Krambeck said if you have more sugar in your urine, then it could be a sign of uncontrolled diabetes.

This is a common condition that causes a person’s blood sugar levels to become too high, the NHS says.

In most cases, the main signs are feeling very thirsty, peeing more than usual, unexplained weight loss and itching around the penis or vagina.

However, Dr Krambreck explained that the smell in your urine could be down to sugar and ketones in your pee, which aren’t usually present.

This is because your body is trying to get rid of that excess sugar through your pee and can be one of the first signs diabetes patients experience, she explained on the Mayo Clinic.

Experts at Diabetes UK say that diabetes is often referred to as a silent killer.

This is because many people don’t recognise the early symptoms of the illness.

“Late diagnosis of type 2 diabetes leaves people at risk of developing the serious complications of the condition, including stroke, heart disease, blindness, kidney disease and amputation – half of the people with the condition already show signs of complications by the time they are diagnosed,” the experts state.

The NHS states that pee is usually clear, or pale yellow with a mild smell.

Guidance states that certain types of food and drink such as asparagus and coffee can make it smell funky.

Not drinking enough fluids and some medicines, as well as vitamin B6 supplements can also cause your urine to smell strongly.

If it does smell strange, the NHS states that you should drink plenty of fluids so you don’t feel thirsty.

When to see a doctor

If you have smelly urine and you have pain or a burning sensation when peeing, then the NHS says you must see a doctor.

You must also seek medical attention if your pee looks cloudy and you need to pee suddenly, more often than usual, or during the night.

Experts add that you should ask for an urgent appointment or call 111 if there’s blood in your urine, you have lower tummy pain or pain in your back under the ribs.

Additionally, you should seek help if you feel tired or unwell, you feel confused or agitated and if you have a high temperature or feel hot and shivery.

If you feel unwell contact your GP, in the event of an emergency, always call 999.

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