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Woman slams husband for trying to give free hotel toiletries as Christmas presents & everyone is saying the same thing

A WOMAN has slammed her husband after he suggested giving hotel freebies as Christmas presents.

The woman explained that they had accumulated a large collection of hotel toiletries including soap, shampoo, conditioner and body lotion.

A woman has slammed her husband for suggesting to give hotel toiletries as Christmas presents

She said on Reddit: “My partner wants to put them in gift bags and give them to our friends and neighbours for Christmas.

“I think they’ll realise these are hotel toiletries and be offended and think we’re cheap and don’t actually care enough about them to put thought into a gift.”

She continued: “Do you think they would notice? And if so, do you think they would be offended?”

She was right to be worried about the reactions of her friends and neighbours because everyone on Reddit was saying the same thing about her husband’s suggestion.

One wrote: “Nobody wants that stuff as a gift.”

Another person added: “They would notice and you would both look cheap.”

A third wrote: “Hotel toiletries are not really appropriate to give out as gifts and most people would not feel like there was much thought behind such a gift.”

While other users described the gift idea as “terrible”, “cheap” and “tacky”.

While users were quick to agree with the woman, they also suggested donating the hotel toiletries as gifts to homeless charities and women’s refuges.

The woman then edited her original post to share her husband’s response with other users.

She said: “I showed him your replies and he says, ‘Ok, point taken. Thank them for their honesty.’

“He really does try. He just doesn’t always get it, so he said ‘ask your Reddit friends.’

She finished by saying: ‘My Reddit friends have spoken.’

Meanwhile another woman was left stunned after she took the toiletries from her hotel room home – only to be told she had to return them.

Hotel toiletries could soon be a thing of the past after the European Union has proposed new rules suggesting to ban the miniature items.

Miniature toiletries could soon be banned by the European Union

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