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Mum left stunned after taking hotel toiletries only to be told to return them – but people are divided

A WOMAN was left stunned after she took the toiletries from her hotel room home – only to be told she had to return them.

Many people may think taking toiletries home is allowed.

The woman put the toiletries in her bag but was asked to send them back to the hotel

However, this is usually only for miniature toiletries – not the larger bottles.

The woman first asked if she was in the wrong on Mumsnet back in 2007, but the topic has recently resurfaced and sparked debate.

She wrote on Mumsnet: “My husband and I spent our wedding anniversary in a very expensive boutique hotel.

“I took the body lotion and soap home as I usually would do (sad, but I get very excited about these things!

“They were normal shop size not miniatures.

“Yesterday we received a letter from the hotel asking for us to send the 2 items back for the future enjoyment of guests! Talk about humiliation!”

Some people were shocked at the hotel’s bold request and said she had every right to take them away.

One wrote: “I think I’d make a point of staying there and draining all the bottles into my own containers.”

A second added: “They should put notices on the bathroom counters stating their policy. Because they are deviating from the norm of having single use products.”

However, not everyone was as surprised as she was.

One said: “I love the shock you feel at being accused of stealing when you did in fact steal.”

Another person wrote: “Of course it’s stealing!

“You really don’t need a sign to tell you that, just as you don’t need a sign telling you not to take the towels home with you.”

What you can and cannot take from a hotel room is a debate that has divided people for years.

Travel experts have waded in before and explained what is okay to pack in your bag and what is best to leave behind.

Some toiletries are on the list of things it is okay to take, along with stationery, postcards and slippers.

However, towels, hairdryers, cups and clock radios must all stay in the room.

Meanwhile, a hotel cleaner revealed what you can do with a towel besides drying yourself that could keep you safer in your room.

And a man was slammed online after he was filmed making unreasonable complaints to a hotel member of staff.

The woman was shocked after getting the letter but other people said she had stolen the toiletries

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1 Comment

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