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Man refused to swap seats with a couple – instead he awkwardly sat in between them for the entire flight

A MAN has received support online after a stranger refused to swap a seat with him on a flight.

Zack Bornstein was on board a flight with his girlfriend when the duo were split up by the airline’s seating arrangement.

A man has received support online after a stranger refused to swap a seat with him on a flight (stock image)

While Zack was given the aisle seat at check-in, his girlfriend had been placed in the window seat with a stranger sat in between the couple.

Zack, a writer and director, asked if the stranger would mind switching into either the window or the aisle seat, but he refused to move.

The boyfriend took to Twitter and said: “Losing my mind, just offered the aisle seat to the guy sitting between me and my girlfriend on a flight, and he said he’d rather stay in the middle seat between us.”

He also claimed to have offered the window seat to the stranger too.

Many people in the comments were baffled by the stranger’s actions with one person saying: “His behaviour is bizarre and frankly blatantly oppositional.”

Another person said: “My wife and I would make the middle seater’s life a living hell for that flight.”

While another passenger had a similar experience in the comments: “An elderly couple shared an entire cheese plate over me on a flight to Miami a few years ago.

“I offered to switch but no, she had to have the window, he the aisle.”

But many users online weren’t in support of the couple’s actions with one person saying: “Not that staying in the middle seat isn’t insane but why didn’t you book your seats together?

Another person added: “I hate that couples think they can just pick and choose whomever they want to move around the plane. Like no, buy your seat, don’t bother me.”

This isn’t the first time switching seats on an aircraft has caused problems between passengers.

A couple divided opinion online after they refused to move seats for a woman’s daughter who was “scared of flying”.

Meanwhile a mum has revealed how to get passengers to swap seats during a flight.

Most people were on the man’s side but some opinions were divided (stock image)

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1 Comment

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