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Travellers reveal why they like booking the dreaded middle seat on a plane – and you should too

PLANE passengers have revealed some of the strange reasons why they book a middle seat – and it might persuade you too.

It comes just days after a man was left baffled when he offered his middle seat to a couple so they could sit together only for them to decline.

Passengers have been praising the dreaded middle seat on planes – and it might persuade you too

And since then, travellers have spoken out singing the praises of the middle seat, and why you should book it too.

Professor Kyle Burke, from Florida, told the Washington Post that despite being 6″7, he opts for a middle seat as it means he can sleep easier.

He said: “Sometimes my knee will go out into the aisle and then people are bumping me as they go by.”

Another woman said she opted for the middle seat as it was the “least responsibility”.

She explained: “I don’t control the window shade and only have to get by one person to get out or go to the bathroom.”

And the middle seat passenger gets both armrests, according to flight attendants – something which traveller Danny Groner said was essential being a tall guy who needed the extra space.

He explained: “Having those two armrests is actually quite crucial, especially if you are a 6-foot-tall man like myself and you might be crunched with your legs up in front.”

Others praised the seat as it meant they didn’t get hit by people walking down the aisle or putting their bags overhead too.

So next time you are booking a seat, you may want to rethink the benefits of avoiding the aisle or window.

Other experts have revealed why it’s a good idea too.

Jacob Wedderburn-Day, CEO at travel company Stasher said middle seat passengers are more likely to get a free upgrade.

He said: “If you don’t like the uncertainty of waiting until a few hours before your flight to check in, then make sure to select the middle seat. 

“Airlines are more likely to upgrade passengers who are sitting in the middle seat as this is generally considered the least desirable place to sit.”

And Virgin Australia passengers are now being encouraged to pick the middle seat and be in with a chance to win prizes such as cruises and flights.

Anyone who books a flight with the airline between now and April 2023 and chooses to sit between two other passengers can be entered into their middle seat lottery.

And here is why a middle seat is actually the safest during a plane crash.

Lots of passengers said they hated the aisle seat as it meant getting jostled by people walking past

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