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Man furious after he ends up stuck between couple with a baby on a flight – but opinion is divided

A PASSENGER has sparked debate after he ended up sandwiched between a couple with a young child on a plane.

Sitting in the middle seat on planes can always be an uncomfortable experience, but that was taken to a whole new level for a man on a recent flight.

Some people thought the couple were hoping to keep the middle seat free

Sam Neve tweeted about the journey after finding himself in between a family, who insisted on keeping the seating arrangement exactly as it was.

He wrote: “Just boarded a flight and I’m sat with a couple and their baby, but the husband refused to give up his aisle seat so now I’m just … in the middle of them?”

Things became even more awkward for Sam after take off, with the man paying no attention to his partner or child for the whole flight.

In a further tweet, Sam added: “He stuck his headphones in, ate an entire pack of Haribo and didn’t talk to her for the entire two hour flight.”

Many people were confused as to why the man would force his wife and child to sit next to a total stranger.

One replied: “Let me guess, the mum is taking care of the baby while the husband uses you as a shield so he can chill out?” 

Another said: “He is happy not to have to deal with his baby.”

Others noted that the couple probably booked the seats hoping the middle seat would go unsold. 

One person wrote: “I would guess they booked window and aisle hoping that the airline would think twice before placing anyone in the middle and next to a baby.

“They were hoping for all three seats.”

There were also those who defended the husband, suggesting that perhaps he needed the seat for several reasons. 

One said: “He has a right to keep it and not move to the middle. Always you people who think your entitlement comes first. YOU bought the middle seat.”

Another added: “I’ve been that dad, and I get it.”

Meanwhile, this passenger refused to move to let a father and some sit together on a plane, but people were on his side.

And people told this woman she was still too nice to another family, even though she refused to move so they could sit together.

The father didn’t speak to his partner or child for the whole flight

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