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The main reason people go on holiday has been revealed – and it isn’t beaches or relaxing

SIX in 10 holidaymakers go abroad just for the food, according to research.

A study of 2,000 travellers found food was the ultimate driver for city break holidays with many choosing upscale and local establishments to try local cuisine.

Travellers seek out upscale and local establishments so they can try local cuisine

Nearly a quarter (23 per cent) have a ‘wish list’ of restaurants they’d like to visit one day, and 28 per cent dream of visiting a Michelin starred eatery.

When travelling, 36 per cent feel trying local, independent restaurants provides the most ‘authentic’ experience of a region’s food.

With 33 per cent checking out if the restaurant is filled with locals when deciding where to dine while away.

The research was commissioned by Eurostar to mark its 10-year anniversary partnership with celebrity chef Raymond Blanc OBE.

The study also found 41 per cent even claimed they’d even be willing to travel hundreds of miles to track down the ‘perfect’ meal.

While 42 per cent believe they’re more adventurous with their food choices when they’re away from home and surrounded by culinary temptation.

Further to this, prior to going away, 42 per cent ‘fantasise’ about the food they’ll get to eat when they’re finally away, according to the OnePoll data.

More than half (55 per cent) further underlined their fascination with food by revealing their idea of fun is learning about international cuisine – like how it’s prepared and where it comes from.

Raymond Blanc has curated a menu for Eurostar’s Paris to London passengers

As such, 46 per cent have enjoyed food tours when away on breaks – and 46 per cent have also received cooking lessons during getaways.

Exactly three in 10 like to share their love of cuisine with others by posting images of mouth-watering meals they’ve ordered during their travels on the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

And to highlight the influence of social media further when it comes to eating abroad, 31 per cent revealed Facebook is their main source of inspiration when choosing restaurants to visit.

With 28 per cent getting pointers from Instagram and 23 per cent turning to Twitter.

A spokesperson for Eurostar, said: “Like many of those polled, we’re passionate about food and have demonstrated that through our partnership with one of the world’s greatest chefs.

“To celebrate, Raymond has curated a special sustainably-sourced menu for 10,000 of our Paris to London Business Premier passengers which will be available until the 23rd of November.”

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