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Passenger fined £390 for reclining his seat without warning the person behind him

A PASSENGER was fined £390 after he ‘reclined his seat too fast’ – and damaged someone’s laptop behind him.

The issue of reclining seats is often divisive, with some thinking it should be allowed while others think it is rude.

A railway passenger was fined £390 for damaging a laptop

According to Business Insider, a university student, known as Wang, was using a new laptop on a fold-down table on a train when the seat in front of him suddenly reclined.

Even though there was a sign in the carriage reminding passengers to notify each other of seat adjustments, Liu, the man sitting in the row in front, failed to warn Wang.

Wang informed the police who tried to reach a compensation agreement between the two passengers.

But after the talks failed, Liu was sued by Wang who demanded 4,788 Chinese yuan (£559.94) to cover repair and transport costs.

The incident took place in Wuhan, China, with Wang being ordered to pay 3,341 yuan (£391.93) in damages by Xiangyin County People’s Court.

While a similar incident has not happened in the UK, Brits who are caught without a train ticket could face a £100 fine from January 2023.

Normally, passengers are fined by airlines for attempting to cram oversized luggage onto flights.

A man on TikTok warned passengers about the size of their hand luggage after he was charged $100 (£84) to bring his bag onto a flight operated by Frontier, even though it fit in the size checker.

Meanwhile a Flybe passenger has won a court case against the airline after he was charged £50 for his hand luggage.

He claimed that it was an “unfair policy” having not been charged before with Flybe – something thousands of other passengers have also complained about.

And this woman dodged Ryanair’s hand luggage rules by sneaking a bag in under her coat.

There was a sign in the carriage reminding passengers to notify each other of seat adjustments

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