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The ultimate travel bag according to a flight attendant – and it will save you money

A former flight attendant has revealed the “ultimate” travel bag to take on holiday which will save you cash.

Kat Kalamani, who worked as a flight attendant for six years, often shares her top tips for travellers on her TikTok account.

A former flight attendant has revealed the holiday bag that could save you money

In her latest video, she revealed the best bag to take as a mum when going on holiday that can even save you money.

Kat told her TikTok followers: “First thing is I get an insulated bag – this one is cool because it has all the pockets for your normal day activities, but also an insulated part where you can pack food.”

She then explained that an insulated bag means you can take snacks and drinks without them spoiling – so you won’t have to spend money on them while out.

Kat added: “I always pick up some frozen burritos, they act like ice packs and then when you get to your destination, you can just pop them in the freezer and they’re your lunch or dinner.”

Amazon has insulated backpacks for as little as £14.99.

However, one version has more than 16,000 five star reviews on Amazon.

The Tourist Cooler Backpack, costing £36.99, can hold up to 30 cans, as well as keep things hot or cold for up to 16 hours.

People praised the bag in the reviews – one man said: I’ve now had this backpack for a year. We beat the s*** out of it. And it still works.

“No leaking. It’s dirty. But not broken or cracked at all. We love it and still take it on river trips and hiking trips or out on the kayak.”

Brits may be surprised that you can take your own food onto the plane.

When travelling through security, cakes, sandwiches, fruit, vegetables and all other completely solid food are fine to take.

Liquids over 100ml are not allowed – this includes jams, houmous and honey.

But if you eat something at the airport restaurants after you go through security, and don’t finish it, you can take it onto the plane.

Last month, it was revealed that the 100ml restriction is set to be ditched by 2024.

Kat explained how an insulated bag is the best when travelling as a mum-
TikTok users loved the idea for saving money by packing food to take on holiday

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