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Is Wetherspoons showing the World Cup and can you book a table?

FOOTY fans will be eager to know whether Wetherspoons is showing the World Cup, and if you need to book.

The tournament began on November 20 with many across the country eager to tune in.

Will Wetherspoons be showing the World Cup? Find out here, plus whether you need to book

Wetherspoons has confirmed it will be showing the World Cup at almost all 850 of its pubs across the country.

The only branches that will not have it playing are those without TV screens inside them.

You can find your nearest Wetherspoons by searching its store locator if you’re unsure.

The chain has confirmed all matches will be shown in its restaurants – not just the England games.

Can I book a table to watch?

You can’t book a table in order to watch the matches inside – so you’ll need to hurry if you want a spot.

Will the sound be on?

The TVs will be muted throughout matches, although subtitles will be on.

This will reflect Wetherspoons’ usual routine outside of the World Cup period where the news is usually screened quietly.

The popular chain has about two million people a week go to their pubs and are known for being sound-free.

This decision has been made out of respect for people who aren’t interested in football.

But the final decision will fall to the manager of each individual pub who may decide to ramp the sound up for popular England or Wales games.

Wetherspoons spokesman Eddie Gershon said: “Wetherspoon will be showing the World Cup matches in its pubs.

“There will only be a handful of pubs not showing the games as they do not have screens.

“As always the sound will be switched off for the games as there will be a lot of people who are not interested in watching the game or hearing the commentary.

“It will be up to the manager’s discretion if they wish to put the sound on.”

In other news, Wetherspoons is now selling its festive menu including plates of pigs in blankets, the big cheeseburger and the brie and bacon burger.

These are all comebacks from last year’s menu.

Bur for the first time, there is also a chicken and stuffing burger up for grabs.

The prices of each meal can vary between branches, but you’ll be able to get many of the festive foods from just under a tenner.

Keep in mind that these menu items won’t be around for long either as they’re only available until December 24.

Read here for more items on the menu.

In the meantime, you may notice a big change to breakfast menus as the chain is hit by an egg shortage.

Britain’s biggest chain of boozers is blaming the “temporary supply issues” on the current impact of Avian flu on egg production – read more here.

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